Discloser: I’m happy to work with our sponsor, Portable North Pole (PNP) this holiday season.

Christmas is a big deal in our family. We love to decorate, bake holiday goodies, and generally be festive. Like many families with excited kids, we probably start a bit early. Having a young daughter who still looks forward to a visit from Santa Claus makes it quite enchanting. Joeli has already started communicating with Santa using the Portable North Pole App or PNP.

Portable North Pole App

Portable North Pole App

Portable North Pole is an online console that Santa and his working elves use to send personalized videos to your kids. You simply download the mobile app onto your Android or iOS devices and Santa can gather the information needed to create individualized videos that each kid will love.

There are different packages at affordable pricing. You can purchase a single video for just $4.99 USD, or upgrade to one of the premium packages for $9.99 or $13.99. Both premiums provide six video storylines to choose from with five or more minutes of footage to watch. It is possible to explore Santa’s workshop, see the amazing gift wrapping machine, or view the Reaction Recorder.

Portable North Pole App

I recorded Joeli checking in with Santa one morning. It was pretty cute. She checks in every morning.

PNP also offers free and premium Christmas and birthday videos from Santa for grown-ups. This year PNP has also introduced a line of magical holiday toys and plush dolls. One such toy is the Do-Good Elf. Another is Okida, Santa’s husky, a family favorite. There are also stockings and a puzzle pack. Every toy includes a special code to access a personalized Santa video.

Portable North Pole App

To help spread a little extra cheer to those in need, PNP will donate 5% of all online sales proceeds to more than 40 children’s hospitals around the world. More than $300,000 has already been donated on behalf of PNP’s followers since 2012.

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If you want to really engage your little ones, or even the grown-ups, in the holiday spirit this year, I recommend downloading the Portable North App at portablenorthpole.com. You can make videos, record your child’s reactions, make calls to Santa, and a bunch of other activities. The Reaction Recorder lets us capture the moments when our children learn if they’re on Santa’s “naughty” or “nice” list.

This makes for some great memories that we can play again and again.