Disclosure: I’m sharing Febreze in my life as part of a sponsored series for Socialstars™

The NFL playoffs are here and the Big Game is looming on the calendar. It is that time of year when we like to watch some games on weekends. You can’t live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area and not be somewhat of a football fan. If you aren’t, don’t admit it.

watching football

Get That Stink Out of Here!

My girls are not so much into football. That doesn’t mean I am deprived of watching it on weekends. It is most fun to spend time on Sundays watching the games with my friends. We sometimes gather at my house because we have a great family room with a decent TV. While my friends are generally tidy fellows, on weekends we all do slack a little when it comes to personal appearance and grooming. It is a rite of passage. I admit to enjoying hanging out in my sweats on Sundays and not shaving. In fact, my kids sometimes make Sunday “pajama day”. Not everyone smells like roses.

febreze, Febreze – Get That Stink Out of Here!, Days of a Domestic Dad

When we gather for football watching marathons, I like to make chili, nachos, spicy wings, guacamole or queso fresco dip and chips – yes, all pungent foods. Between the snacks and our leisurely weekend man aromas the family room can get a little ripe.

febreze, Febreze – Get That Stink Out of Here!, Days of a Domestic Dad

I am a huge fan of Febreze for clearing odors just about anywhere. For game day, I like to use Febreze Meadows and Rain for Small Spaces before my friends arrive and after they leave. I don’t want to assault my guests with a strong perfume scented air freshener when they walk in the door. So, I spray a small amount of Febreze in the family room and the powder room to allow for a subtle, fresh, spring scent to assure the house smells nice. No one notices any fragrance other than the freshness of the indoor air.

How do you use Febreze?

My wife is keen on using it after the mess has been cleaned up, especially in the kitchen where all the game day snacks were prepared, and in the small bathroom that the guys have used. Febreze Meadows and Rain for Small Spaces might just be the perfect ending to a festive, and maybe a little stinky, Sunday afternoon.