Working with Netflix gives me the pleasure of watching new shows before the rest of the public gets to binge! Luckily, I had just finished binge watching season 2 of the Netflix Original Series “Love”… I love the way the characters have such an awkward love connection and their corky habits always get me giggling.

Netflix 13 Reasons Why

Admittedly, I binge like no other… so I am always having to leave my beloved characters and story lines and find a new world to dive into. If you are a Netflix Addict like I, then you understand “courting” new series, you watch the trailers, ask friends what they are watching, and sometimes just play the pilot, and if it grabs you, it grabs you.

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Now, there is always shows that are talked about before they pop up on our “Trending Now” tab on the Netflix home screen, such as: Stranger Things, Series of Unfortunate Events and the OA, etc. 13 Reasons Why is a series I have been hearing about for months, from friends that have read the book, to Selena Gomez herself endorsing the show on her Instagram. Needless to say, I skipped the courting and jumped straight in with all my clothes on! Each episode ranges from 45-90 minutes, which is on the longer side, but once you’re in you don’t realize that all that time has gone by!

To give you a brief description without spoiling anything, 13 Reasons Why is about a High School Junior girl, Hannah Baker, who committed suicide and leaves behind 13 tapes explaining why she did what she did. During the 13-episode season, you follow the oh so cute boyish character Clay Jensen around on his bike. Each tape describes a certain event with a certain person that somehow damaged Hannah and move her closer to her need to end her life. There were many times in the show that I had no idea what side to be on. Every person in the show has sides that are not uncovered until the end.. and I mean at the END END.

At some points during the series, you might feel the emotions of Hannah take you by the heart but just push through and you wont regret it! I hope you enjoy the show and get to experience this life altering series!