In every mens fashion category, there is always the odd child. A style that takes the roots of a movement, and flings it across the room to a different realm. Streetwear is an urban movement, one that originated from cities like New York, London, and Paris.

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It was a masculine style that had elements of rough and tumble clothing. Denim jackets with work boots, baseball caps with hoodies, ripped jeans with bomber jackets, etc. These sorts of combinations told you all you needed to know about urban streetwear.

It was dark, tough and epitomized the fast-paced lifestyle of those that live in large cities. Then along came California. The mens fashion-conscious took the streetwear style and made it into something almost unrecognizable.

Coastal Streetwear Style

The coastal, summer streetwear style incorporates many of the same things, but it’s totally unique.

Replacing the denim

In almost all streetwear styles, you will see that denim jeans rule the roost. Dark, light, ripped, patched or cut jeans are the only thing many people who wish to adorn the streetwear style, will put on.

However, in coastal cities, your jeans will make you sweat and stick to your skin. So what Californians did was to replace the denim with harem pants. You will see more of this type of clothing the further you head into beach cities and towns. These pants are nice and loose, airy and baggy.

They give you a full range of movement but they also allow your skin to breathe. Coupling your harem pants with flat black Converses or with sheer white sneakers is a pure west classic move. You will be giving your look a notable attitude but you’re not sacrificing comfort.

And if you’re a sports enthusiast looking to add a personal touch to your streetwear style, consider soccer patches that showcase your favorite team or player. These patches can be a fun and expressive addition to your harem pants or denim jeans, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your love for the game into your fashion choices.

Black and white Vans would be another tip of the hat to coastal skater circles that had a hand in pushing the street style into the mainstream.

Denim fights back

Denim has never been rejected by the coastal street style, but it hasn’t been the first choice for many outfits. Lighter denim is either full washout style or light blue is still worn as jacket material.

However, you will need to wear light denim jackets fully open with the buttons more or less purely for show. Wearing a thin loose t-shirt underneath would prevent your body from overheating in this material.

However it is lightweight, so it’s not that it’s going to make you sweat harder. The denim is still a rigid solid material, so it’s prone to becoming dry and inflexible. 

Denim backpacks are an awesome addition to your outfit if you love this material. It’s strong and very forgiving as it doesn’t stain easily and it can be washed with full abandon.

Denim backpacks are a great canvas on which to decorate. Sticking stickers of the bands you like or perhaps sports teams you follow are something you will see more in coastal towns. Badges are also stylish but they tend to clang if the clasp is not tightly shut. 

Men’s Fashion in the 80s

For any coastal city, you have to have a sheer white t-shirt. There’s nothing quite like an iconic plain white t-shirt when you’re from a city blessed with a beach.

However, pink t-shirts with palm tree prints pay full homage to the classic men’s fashion in the 80s. This was the era when beach styles became mainstream and even ventured into the cities to duke it out with urban styles. Pick a t-shirt with prints and slogans pertaining to coastal living.

Surfer style t-shirts would go well with shorts. If you’re the type of man that doesn’t want to wear shorts, then a pair of chinos is something to look into. Whatever you do, offset your white t-shirt with a light playful color such as sunset yellow, lime green or sky blue. 

Blocking out the sun

It’s not common but it’s not uncommon to see sunglasses be worn as part of an urban street style. There’s not much sun to shine in your eyes when you’re surrounded by skyscrapers.

However, for the coastal street style, shades are a must-have. However, 90s block sunglasses are at the top of that heap. Nothing quite beats the practicality of LA square frame flat top sunglasses.

These should be worn with black or pink lenses only. The thick temples give the lenses plenty of support. This takes some pressure off your ears and makes this style of shades surprisingly practical. 

Every mens fashion style has an odd one out. Thankfully, the coastal street style took the torch and ran with it. It’s a style that offers practicality but doesn’t make your outfit too rigid when you need to control your body temperature. This is pure LA takeover style, that urban street style lovers will gel with.