Child custody battles can be emotionally draining and aren’t always easy. They are often the most complex and challenging cases that spouses face after separation or divorce.

Help Children with Anxiety

While every child needs to live with both parents, sometimes it may be essential if they only live with a single parent. This is especially important if you’re going through a divorce.

Child custody battles can also be stressful for the kids, which may affect them later in life. Parents who no longer want to be with each other should consider working together to resolve their custody issues outside the courts for their children’s sake. However, a custody case may be necessary if one or both parents are unwilling to compromise. Hiring a qualified and experienced family attorney can help prepare your child custody case and stand a better chance of winning. Along with hiring the right family law lawyer, here are other essential things that can help you win a child custody case:

1.      Consider Your Living Arrangements

To win the custody of your children, you need to show that you can provide them with a stable physical environment. For instance, you may not convince the court you’re a capable parent if you’re currently sharing a bachelor pad with a friend. While judges are often flexible about accommodations, you should be ready to prove that you can provide your children with a home to live comfortably. If you had to leave your family home after the divorce, you should ensure you find new accommodation near your home. This will cause less disruption to your children’s daily routine.

2.      Show You Can Cooperate With Your Ex-Spouse

The main goal of the courts in a custody case is to protect the child’s best interest. Showing your willingness to support your children’s welfare and ongoing relationship with your ex-partner is crucial to the court. The courts often want to ensure you won’t interfere with or damage your children’s relationship with your former spouse.

You shouldn’t bad-mouth the other parent in front of your children or use any dirty tricks against your ex, trying to win over their custody. Doing so can make you look bitter and angry about the other parent and without self-control or emotional restraint, which can lead to unfavorable court decisions. Instead, you should show that you’re willing to work with the other parent in supporting your children’s welfare to increase your chances of obtaining a favorable custody arrangement.

3.      Exercise Caution With Your Social Media Activity

While you may be tempted to complain or bash your ex-partner publicly, doing so could be used against you in court. Anything you say about your ex-partner on social media could easily be misunderstood and used as evidence of parental alienation, which could negatively impact your case’s outcome. Ensure you exercise caution with your social media activity, especially during an ongoing custody battle.

Anything you post on social media that portrays you negatively or with poor judgment could question your character as a parent, hurting your case. Consult your attorney if you have questions about your online activity and how it could affect your case.


Before filing for custody in court, it’s always best to try and work with your ex-partner to resolve your custody issues independently. However, if you can’t agree on custody of your kids, filing a suit in court may be the best option. Following the tips above can help improve your odds of winning your custody case. Ensure that you also hire an experienced family attorney to represent you in court to ensure you get a favorable custody arrangement.

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