Fishing is a fun-filled activity that you can plan with family, friends, or on your next vacation. Most fishing enthusiasts limit themselves to a few fishing destinations, but taking it one step ahead and exploring new fishing territories will surely be worth it.

Spend a Weekend Fishing

6 Fishing Destinations

If you love fishing, keep scrolling as we share with you 6 mind-blowing fishing destinations to visit, enjoy, and create memories that last for a lifetime.  

1. Santa Cruz, Bolivia

In the region of Santa Cruz, you will find healthy populations of golden dorado. This robust fish lives as an apex predator in the rivers flowing through this untapped habitat. The golden dorado is less likely threatened by other predators, making the fish challenging to catch.

As the region is a preserved habitat, motorboats are not allowed on these waters. You would need to get a wooden canoe to steer your way, just like the natives do. An angler can also be hired if you only want to focus on your catch. The Santa Cruz region is truly a place that provides a beautiful landscape, a blissful environment, and a fishing trip that will stay down memory lane. 

2. Prince Edward Island, Canada

Plan your fishing trip to the Prince Edward Islands if you are in to catch the bluefin tuna. These waters have a healthy bluefin tuna population, with most weighing over 800 pounds. Most fishing is done near land, and fishing here is regulated by law.

You need to use live bait and release your catch as it is a catch and release fishery. However, depending on the season, you might be allowed to keep a few fish for consumption.

Check this website for fishing related tips, tricks and gear suggestion.

As regulations of these fisheries are revised now and then, remember to contact the local authorities and get the latest updates before the trip. 

You can plan the trip around August until October and make sure you have the budget as the cost of traveling to the island might be way more than your expectations. This trip is downright pricey, but nothing compares to the thrill of fishing your heaviest catch. 

3. Malindi, Kenya

Looking to accomplish an offshore super grand slam? Malindi, Kenya is one of the few places around the globe that has a variety of fish like billfish, swordfish, sailfish, spearfish, and several types of marlins. However, you would need experienced anglers and equipment like these Garmin fish finders to locate the best areas where you could most likely accomplish a slam. There are also several other varieties of reef fish, pelagic, and giant trevally you can fish nearshore. 

4. Panama

With a rugged coastline, rocky headlands, and schools of tuna fish hovering near offshore seamounts, Panama is the perfect fishing destination to enjoy with family and friends. Besides tuna, you can find cubera snappers, bluefin trevally, and other large-sized game fish. Panama is a tourist-friendly country, offering tons of locations and fishing spots along the pacific coast to choose from. You can visit the Panama islands for fishing year-round and always check the weather forecast as you might experience a lot of issues when visiting during the rainy season.  

5. Graham Islands

Located in the North Pacific, Graham Islands offer stunning forested slopes, a mesmerizing landscape, and a variety of fishes to nail a trophy. You can find salmon abundantly throughout the year in these waters. Other types of fish include pacific halibut, coho, and chinook which also have a thriving population in the area. The islands are strictly fly-in and the fisheries mostly remain open from the start of May till September. 

6. Louisiana Marshes

These vast and shallow coastal marshes start from western Mississippi to Louisiana. The shallow waters of Louisiana marshes have a huge population of prized fishes like black drums, seatrouts, and mid-sized red drums. The marshes are accessible all year, but the best time is during the summer season on a sunny day. This habitat is preferred by fishes like the red drum. Whether you are looking forward to experiencing fishing in shallow waters or want to fish for the prized red drum, Louisiana wetlands are the perfect place to visit. 

Besides the fishing destinations mentioned above, there are lots of other exciting places like Montauk, New York, Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, and fishing in the Amazon River for Peacock Bass. The options are endless.

Therefore, the best way to select your next fishing location is by reviewing your budget, the time you would most likely spend, and the type of fish you will be catching.

Making a quick strategy like this allows you to choose the best-suited option that you will enjoy the most.