Whether you’re an experienced mattress shopper or just starting your search, there are many factors to consider when choosing the perfect mattress. There’s much to remember, from sleeping positions and body type to edge support and warranty coverage.

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For example, a firm or medium-firm mattress may be best for a heavy sleeper.


Comfort is a crucial consideration when selecting mattresses for sale. Individuals differ in what they require according to their body type, preferred materials and feel, and sleeping posture.

Firmness is also a consideration. A firm mattress will generally conform closely to the body and feel challenging, whereas a soft mattress will allow more significant levels of sinkage and be more cushioned.

Firmness ratings are subjective, however, and a firm mattress for one person may be soft for another.

Another aspect of comfort to consider is how easily the mattress moves across when getting in and out of bed.

Responsive mattresses that don’t sink too far can be more accessible to move across than overly soft models, especially those with foam layers that tend to retain heat.

A mattress protector or encasement can help keep the mattress cool by keeping out moisture and preventing the build-up of allergens such as mildew, mold, and dust mites.


Consider how long it might last if you’re looking for a new mattress. Even the most durable materials break down over time, leading to sagging, indentations, and regular wear that warrants replacement.

Innerspring and hybrid mattresses with steel coils tend to hold longer than all-foam models, requiring a sturdy foundation like wood slats. Other considerations include cooling materials and the thickness of the comfort layer.

Firmness also plays a role, as some shoppers prefer a more contouring feel. Most mattresses are rated using a 10-point system, where one represents extraordinarily soft, and ten means very hard.

Refrain from leaping on the bed, which will rip the base and mattress. Also, never drag the mattress, as this can cause snags or rips in the fabric. Lastly, rotate the mattress every two to six months. It can lessen uneven wear and increase the mattress’s longevity.


Whether you prefer to sleep on foam or innerspring, there are some essential details to consider when choosing a mattress.

For example, if you overheat, look for a bed with cooling components like gel and an aerated construction. Other ways to stay cool include a cotton cover, wool layers, and an electric cooling system.

The best mattresses typically have 10- to 20-year warranties covering manufacturer defects. However, warranties don’t cover normal wear and tear, such as indents and sagging.

Be sure to read reviews carefully, but don’t let one negative review derail your search. Record all communications and document your attempts to resolve the issue with the retailer or manufacturer if you find a negative review.

If you can’t agree, you may be able to file a small claims lawsuit. Remember that you may have to pay for shipping and handling if your claim is successful.


There are a few things to consider when determining your mattress price. First, consider the type of mattress you want.

Different types will have additional costs, from innerspring to hybrid mattresses to latex or memory foam. The type of material used can also affect the price, as each option has unique attributes and benefits that may or may not be available in other materials.

Your mattress’s total cost will also depend on its size because producing mattresses in significantly larger sizes requires more work and materials.

Also, consider any necessary accessories, like a foundation or box spring. These can substantially increase the overall cost of your mattress.

Finally, consider if you’ll be buying your mattress in-store or online. Pricing varies considerably between stores, with online retailers offering lower prices than brick-and-mortar establishments.

However, it would help if you always remembered that a low-priced mattress doesn’t mean something other than that it will be durable or provide the best sleep quality.