If there is one simple yet impactful decor element that enhances the aesthetics of your interiors immensely, it has to be the curtains. Draping beautiful curtains around your home can instantly bring out the charm of your interior space.

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Curtain Help Create a Beautiful Space

Curtains are the crucial décor pieces that set the right tone for any room and you simply cannot understate their importance in interior design. 

From solid colors to beautiful prints, from breezy and light to ornamental and intricate, as well as from heavy textiles to sheer fabrics, choosing the right type of curtains can make or break your efforts to create a beautiful space that is hard to forget. If you are wondering which kind of curtains will complement your existing decoration, read and follow this carefully curated advice: 

Choose the right fabric

When you select curtains for any room, the material plays an essential role in exhibiting their overall look. Different kinds of materials are vastly available throughout the offline and online markets. Some of the most sought-after materials include brocades, cotton, sheer laces, and velvets. 

While choosing the fabric for the curtains, you must keep a few things in mind. Firstly, consider the amount of sunlight that you want to allow inside. Secondly, choose a material according to the theme of the room. For instance, if you are setting up a traditional hotel room, choose a heavier fabric like brocade or velvet that helps block the sunlight and keeps the room warm. 

Select the matching color 

The selection of the color of the curtains can seal the deal or wreck the whole essence of the decoration. Hence, be extra cautious when choosing the color for the curtains. Follow a simple rule – the color of the curtains should always be in sync with the wall and the furniture. 

You can either select the colors that harmonize with the existing decoration or contrast with the same. Many people like choosing the color that complements the shade of their walls. 

Prints or Solids – be choosy in style  

One of the biggest things that can confuse you while shopping for the drapes is their pattern. Curtains are mostly either solid or printed in appearance. If you are doubtful about making the right choice, take a look at the rest of the decoration and choose a suitable pattern. 

For instance, if the furnishings and another décor in your room are solid in color, choose the curtains that are printed. It will give a balanced look to the room. But if everything else is printed, go with solid colors to bring the entire room together. 

Buy the ideal length

Many people commit the mistake of not buying curtains of the ideal length. Naturally, when they drape these curtains, the curtains run either short or longer than needed and the arrangement looks clumsy. Thus, always pay attention to the length of the curtains while buying them. 

Note that curtains that fall to the floor level are particularly trending in fashion today.  

Consider the maintenance 

While shopping for curtains for home, do not overlook the ease of maintenance as a factor when making the final choice. The fabric and the material of the curtain together determine their ease of maintenance.  

Some fabrics require more care than others. The low-maintenance fabrics for the curtains are cotton and synthetic. You can machine wash such curtains twice a year to maintain their appearance. These fabrics are a great option for people prone to dust allergies. On the other hand, the materials such as silk, sheer, and wool are high maintenance. These curtains require extra care. 


Curtains are decorative items in the house that can easily draw the attention of visitors. We hope that the above-listed buying guide to select the best curtains helps you make the best choice. So now you can know your preference and bring home the best-looking drapes!