Disclosure: I’m sharing Febreze in my life as part of a sponsored series for Socialstars™

In case you don’t already know, it’s National Pet Month. This is the time of year to honor and pamper those members of our families who don’t do much more than show us unconditional affection, which we all need. Our dog Cole is just one more member of the family, but he doesn’t talk back like our kids might occasionally do when they don’t want to tackle a chore. He just enjoys life.

cole on the couch

What Cole does do is smell like a stagnant pond on a hot summer day when he gets wet or rolls around in the grass. The smell can be so bad that we have to clean both him and the areas he lounges in. It literally permeates through the entire house if we don’t get on top of it immediately.

Febreze FABRIC, Febreze FABRIC and Our Dog, Whom we Love, Days of a Domestic Dad

Febreze FABRIC Meadows and Rain to the Rescue

I have written before about how much we like the Febreze products when it comes to freshening up our home. But, when it comes to Cole, an odor eliminator is an absolute essential that we rely on. It is like a first aid kit for emergency odors, especially if friends are coming by for a visit.

Febreze FABRIC, Febreze FABRIC and Our Dog, Whom we Love, Days of a Domestic Dad

Febreze uses OdorClear technology to eliminate odors. There is no covering up the odor of a stinky dog. It must be eliminated. I am a big fan of the Febreze FABRIC Meadows & Rain. It really does smell like a fresh spring morning of dewy grass without the actual moisture. I simply turn the Febreze FABRIC Refresher nozzle on and spray in a sweeping motion to lightly mist Cole’s bed, the carpet where he has shaken his wet fur on, and the upholstered furniture that he sneaks up on. I let it dry and we are good to go. As soon as it dries, I can see the girls pulling their shirts down from over their noses in relief that they can breathe again. Drama is all part of this ritual – LOL.

Cole Febreze

Cole isn’t the only “stinker” in our home, but he may be the most offensive. While I am deodorizing Cole’s territories I will often make a covert sweep of the rest of the house with Febreze FABRIC Meadows and Rain.

The girls’ closets can be a bit offensive with smelly sneakers, as can mine. The laundry hamper is sometimes unpleasant after clothes have sat in it for 24 hours – not uncommon in large families. The smell inside of the car can be mind-blowing after we have taken Cole for a hike or a swim. I am not afraid to just keep going with my finger on the sprayer of my Meadows and Rain until most fabric areas have been eliminated from dog smell.

Febreze Fabric Meadow and Rain

What I really like is that the FABRIC spray actually does eliminate odors for several days. I also like that it doesn’t cover up odors by leaving behind an antiseptic smell that some products tend to do.