The 2018 Mazda6 is a fun, sporty sedan for families seeking a comfortable ride at a great price. Mazda’s signature Japanese designs, coupled with human-centric engineering, result in a seamless driving experience. You get the feel of a luxury vehicle at an affordable price.

The 2018 Mazda6 was completely redesigned with these hallmarks in mind. On the inside, you’ll find authentic materials throughout the cabin, like Nappa Leather and Japanese Sen wood. The seats have been designed with foam interiors that absorb vibration, which creates a smoother ride for all passengers. The Mazda6 seats five comfortably. For families that need the seating space, this checks all the right boxes.

It’s also a fun drive. The BOSE 11-speaker surround sound system means you and your passengers can rock out to your favorite songs. MAZDA CONNECT is Mazda’s standard “smart” system that lets you safely keep using your smartphone’s features on the road. It can be updated to support the latest smartphone operating systems, so you never have to worry about your car’s smart features going out of date. The MAZDA CONNECT display screen sits prominently on top of the dashboard; no more lowering your eyes to glance at an incoming call. These functions can also be controlled via voice-recognition. For example, when you need to let your family know you’re done picking up the pizza, you might say “call home,” and the software could dial your home number for you.

Of course, safety is a top priority for any parent buying a car. One new highlight for 2018 in the Mazda6 is the 360-degree view monitor, which has front and rear parking sensors. Whether you’re parallel parking or backing up, in a parking garage or leaving the playground, you can clearly see what’s in front of and behind you. The Mazda6 also has Smart City Break Support, which helps the driver prevent collisions in urban conditions and other areas where traffic is more congested. You can feel confident driving in the city and around your child’s school, where traffic often moves more slowly during pick-up and drop-off periods.

All of these features further Mazda’s goal of enriching people’s lives.