Disclosure: I was provided a OptiGrill by T-fal to use and review. All opinions are mine.

I remember when I was growing up my Dad would normally do most of the cooking for dinner. He would make it home from work around four o’clock everyday, and start to figure what he was going to make. Most of the time he would prepare something on the grill, like chicken legs, pork chops, sausage or hamburgers. After a while I would pitch in and help either setting up or cooking. I specifically remember how long it took to set the charcoals, and soak with lighter fluid. It was a process down to a science.

After all the preparation, slow fire cooking, and waiting for the perfect cooked piece of meat it sometime just wasn’t right. My poor Dad would have to abandon the grill and transfer dinner the oven to finish the process. Ever so often that would happen, and I think it would be discouraging to Dad. Its like grilling is part of your manhood, so as a man you want to excel at grilling.

 Grilling Made Easy With The Optigrill

Now, I still look forward to a good grilled steak or hamburger, and not going to let old memories keep me from grilling. I have a T-fal Optigrill to save time and grill a foolproof piece of meat.


The T-fal OptiGrill is the first and only indoor grill with Precision Grilling Technology, which will detect the quantity, temperature, and thickness of your items and alert you when it is at each cooking stage (rare,medium well done, etc.) So there is no more need to cut into your steak or meats to check if they are done – with OptiGrill you know it will be grilled exactly to your preference.

Just select one of the preset cooking programs and start grilling:

  • Burgers
  • Poultry
  • Sandwiches/Paninis
  • Sausage/Pork
  • Red Meat
  • Fish/Seafood
  • Manual – perfect for vegetables

The Optigrill can defrost meat quickly and grill not only frozen chicken, but it’s also great for grilling frozen burger buns and other frozen foods.

The plates are also tilted so that fat and grease can flow down and be caught in the basin. Great for healthy eating!

Finally, the plates are easy to clean as they are removable and dishwasher safe. (Unlike other similar indoor grills.)  The appearance of the OptiGrill is modern and sleek, and not an eye-sore on the countertop. Currently, the OptiGrill is priced at $179 and a great option for those who do not have space for a grill or just want something small and convenient.

OptiGrill Review

Overall I really enjoy the T-fal Optigrill and the technology behind it. All the times that I have put it to use it has grilled to a tee. It is perfect to grill on all year round, and is easy to clean. I would recommend it for any avid or beginner grill master. It would defiantly make a spectacular gift for the up coming holiday.


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