Driving a truck can be a daunting task if you don’t have a great deal of experience doing it. They are larger vehicles and can be difficult to maneuver. You compound the problem when you decide you need to pull a trailer. While some many say you just need to get out there and practice, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a system to help you out? That’s the theory behind Pro Trailer Backup Assist on the 2016 F-150.

F150 Trailer Assist

The most complicated part of backing up a trailer is steering the pickup truck. It’s counter-intuitive to the way that you normally drive, and can flummox even the best of drivers. Pro Trailer Backup Assist takes over that important part, so you can focus on making sure the trailer is lined up and you’re not about to crash into anything!

By using a control knob on the dash, you turn the knob to the left or right depending on which way you want the trailer to turn. You can force a sharper turn by turning the knob farther in each direction.

Ford F150 Trailer Assist

The truck handles some of the acceleration for you as well, slowly inching you backwards and right where you need to go. Just keep an eye on the spotter mirrors to make sure your trailer isn’t going to hit something.

The system utilizes sensors already on board the F-150. The rearview camera has been trained to identify a black-and-white sticker that you place on the tongue of the trailer. The system can store up to 10 different trailers.

F150 Trailer Assist

When you want to engage the system, you press the button on the dash and the computer will ask you which trailer you want to use. Choose the trailer from the steering-wheel mounted controls and it’ll do the rest.

The most difficult part of the system is the first-time setup of a new trailer. You have to place the sticker on the tongue of the trailer, and measure a few distances manually so the truck knows how big the trailer is. But the measurements are only a one-time deal, and the truck saves all of that information to memory.

You might want to purchase a recreational vehicle or a wave runner to haul around. You might have a trailer you carry a lawnmower with. For whatever reason you have a trailer, or want to get a trailer, the Pro Trailer Backup Assist is there to help you look like… well look like a pro! It makes the process less stressful and safer.

Ford Trucks’ Mike Levine even calls it a potential “Marriage Saver.” Instead of getting frustrated at your spouse for not giving directions properly, just let the system handle it for you. It seems like a no-brainer to me!