If you’re thinking about installing cladding on your property, an exterior wall cladding can improve the aesthetics of your home and protect it from harsh weather conditions and pests.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Cladding

Read on for six factors you should consider to choose the suitable cladding for your home.


Insulating your home is crucial to keeping energy bills low and reducing the environmental footprint of your space. When hunting for ideal cladding, be sure to check the energy ratings to determine which option provides the best insulation. Installing a cladding with the highest insulation value can help keep heat out during summer and trap the heat inside the home during winter, allowing you to save energy regardless of the climate in your local area.


Cladding material should complement your home’s architectural beauty. Ensure that you envision the appearance you want to achieve once the cladding system is installed to determine the suitable cladding material. 

There are various cladding materials on the market, including wood, stucco, vinyl, metal, and tiles, making choosing the suitable material difficult, so you should consider seeking recommendations from cladding professionals in Australia. Whether you want a modern and chic appearance or a natural and rustic look, a professional can point you in the right direction.


All exterior cladding materials require regular maintenance to ensure they live out their rated lifespan in excellent condition. For instance, you need to apply a rot-resistant coating on timber cladding to combat the effects of moisture.

Similarly, when using manufactured stone veneers, it’s important to consider that while these do not typically need a rot-resistant coating, they may still require sealing to protect against water penetration and staining. Compared to natural stone, manufactured stone veneers from IXL provide a similarly authentic look but often come with easier installation and potentially lower maintenance requirements. This makes them a practical yet visually appealing option for exterior cladding, striking a good balance between natural aesthetics and ease of upkeep.

For this reason, you should determine how much money and time you are willing to dedicate to the exterior cladding maintenance before zoning in on a particular product. Be sure to speak to a professional contractor regarding the best maintenance procedure to sustain the structural integrity and appearance of the product.

Return on investment

With the increased costs in real estate, you should strive to keep your property value at the optimum, and installing exterior cladding can help you achieve just that. External cladding can help revive your property’s old and tired appearance, increasing its curb appeal and value.

Be sure to opt for durable, long-lasting, and sleek cladding materials that require little or no maintenance, such as vinyl or tile cladding, to get a great return on your investment. 

Durability and lifespan

External cladding will often be exposed to harsh weather conditions, including extreme cold and heat, rain, wind, snow, hail, and storm. Cladding materials last and perform differently depending on distinct environmental conditions.

For instance, metal cladding is some of the most durable materials, but its durability and lifespan can be reduced when exposed to corrosive coastal climates.

Stone tends to crack with exposure to direct sunlight. Be sure to opt for a cladding product with a rated lifespan and durability, depending on the environmental conditions in your area. 


Be sure to set a reasonable budget while factoring in the cost of installation and maintenance for your exterior cladding. Opt for an affordable cladding product but be careful not to compromise quality. 


The type of cladding you choose directly impacts your property’s value and cost, and aesthetic appeal. Keep the above factors in mind to ensure you choose the best cladding.

Choosing Cladding, Factors to Consider When Choosing Cladding, Days of a Domestic Dad