Thinking of selling your car? Before you put it on the market, it could be worth considering a few tricks to help boost your car value. This could allow you to increase the selling price and make a bit more money to put towards your next car.

Car value, Easy Ways To Boost Your Car Value, Days of a Domestic Dad

Boost Your Car Value

Here are just some of the easiest ways to boost a car value.

Clean your car

No-one is going to pay a lot for a dirty car. Take your time to clean the exterior and interior so that your car looks shiny and new. Paying a professional to clean your car could save you the task of doing it yourself, however you may make more profit by cleaning yourself.

Car value, Easy Ways To Boost Your Car Value, Days of a Domestic Dad

Add some wax and polish

A touch of wax and polish can help to further give your car that show home feel and could allow you to get away with upping the asking price a little more. Make sure to buy wax and polish that is suited to your car’s bodywork (for instance, separate polish is often needed for the wheel rims and the wrong kind could cause the metal to corrode).

Repair any minor damage

You don’t want to be shelling out too much money on big repairs, but there could be small faults that you can repair for cheap that could make a big impact. Look into getting dents and scratches fixed as these are likely to be the biggest things that will lower your car value. You should also consider auto hail repair to fix any damage caused by hailstorms, as these can greatly affect the appearance and value of your car. In some cases, insurance may even cover the cost of hail repair, so even if it’s a bigger repair, it may not hurt your wallet as much.

Also consider replacing worn tires, as many people will look at these.  

Make small interior upgrades

There may be a few small improvements that you can make to the interior to give it a fresher look. Replacing floor mats could be one simple upgrade. Meanwhile, you could also use custom seat covers to affordably jazz up your upholstery (and potentially hide any scuff marks or stains). An air freshener meanwhile could be a nice final touch.

Provide all the right paperwork

When choosing independent sellers, a lot of buyers can be dubious of purchasing a vehicle with little or no paperwork to support it. Those that will still buy your car may expect it at a discounted price (they may even use this to negotiate the price). There are a few different types of paperwork that are worth providing. A service history will let buyers know of any past repairs and maintenance checks that have been made on the vehicle. Paperwork to prove that you own the vehicle is also important – a title certificate can be good paperwork to have. You could even consider writing up a contract to legally protect yourself during the sale (it could also include clauses that legally protect the buyer in order to persuade them that you have their best interests in mind).