Regardless of whether a homeowner has plans to sell their home in the future or they are getting ready to sell it in the next few months, several home improvements projects will add value to the structure.

, Adding Curb Appeal: 5 DIY Projects That Virtually Pay for Themselves, Days of a Domestic Dad

Adding Curb Appeal

Any well-informed homeowner is going to keep updated with all the remodels and renovations that are done through the years while staying aware of the projects that will provide the highest return on their investment down the road.

The cost of home improvement projects can add up quickly. This is especially true when professional help from and other service providers is needed. While this is true, some improvements will add curb appeal and be extremely worthwhile.

The average return with selling a home after making home improvement projects is around 64 percent of the project’s total cost if the home is sold within a year. With home prices increasing and more expensive projects being taken on, there are several DIY ways to improve a home without spending too much, thus increasing the ROI.

Keep reading to learn about the top five projects to invest in this year that will pay for themselves quickly. Knowing this information will help a homeowner decide what projects to invest in first and which ones are better left for another time.

, Adding Curb Appeal: 5 DIY Projects That Virtually Pay for Themselves, Days of a Domestic Dad

1. The Yard

Regardless of if a person is planning to sell their home in the near future or not, first impressions count. It’s possible to make the exterior of a home shine by cleaning up trash and debris on the property. It’s also possible to brighten up the outside space by adding some quality outdoor lighting. Replace old lighting fixtures and bulbs with new ones and install new lighting if needed.

Other types of yard work are beneficial, too. Taking steps that improve a home’s curb appeal is going to provide long-term benefits. While it is a good idea to maintain the outdoor space by raking, watering the plants, and removing weeds, it’s also a good idea to think “green” when planning a landscaping design. Professional landscaping and tree surgeons in Keller can boost property values when a lawn is upgraded from average to excellent.

Try to find low-maintenance landscape options. This includes adding new beds of mulch instead of grass. It’s also a good idea to plant drought-tolerant plants, which is going to reduce costs.

2. Replace Carpeting with Wood Flooring

In recent years, most homeowners have moved away from carpeting throughout their homes and opting for hardwood flooring instead. Even though the thought of having to remove carpeting and refinishing the wood floors alone may seem like a tedious and daunting task, with the right tools, this is a DIY project that can be done for an affordable price.

From getting the room ready and actually removing the carpet to stripping, sanding, and cleaning the new floor, to staining and sealing the hardwood put down, this is one home upgrade that can provide homeowners with a significant ROI. Just make sure to purchase a quality flooring that is designed to last.

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3. Paint the Inside of the House

When it comes to DIY updates, homeowners can make on their own, there’s no better project than painting the interior of the house. The fact is, just a few gallons of paint can go a long way when it comes to refreshing the look of a room or an entire home. It’s also an affordable way to ensure any house, regardless of age or condition, is ready to be listed and put on the market.

A newly painted room is going to add value to the structure by offering an updated and clean look. Try to choose a neutral pallet when selecting the paint. After all, the goal is to make sure the colors in the home appeal to home shoppers who are considering buying it.

4. Freshen Up the Bathroom

Boring or outdated bathroom fixtures can significantly take away from the feel and style of the space. A great DIY project that is also affordable is to give the bathroom a quick refresh. This can be done by replacing all the accessories.

This includes things like the fixtures, pulls, and knobs, and checking for any signs of poor drainage or leaky faucets. It’s a good idea to think about regrouting the shower or installing a tile backsplash. While this is true, it’s also a good idea to keep things clean once the update has been made. These are easy fixes and upgrades that can help to significantly increase the value of a home right away.

5. Remove the Popcorn Ceilings

While the presence of popcorn ceilings may not make or break a potential sale, they do have a tendency to devalue a house. It may result in a buyer to go to another house where the popcorn ceilings have been removed. It’s easy to remove a popcorn ceiling as a DIY project as long as a homeowner gathers the needed tools first.

However, if someone lives in an older home with popcorn ceilings, they need to use caution, as many structures were designed with ceiling materials that contained asbestos. This is why it is a good idea to have the professionals inspect the ceiling and materials that were used before trying to take on this project.

Getting a Home Ready to Sell

When it is time to sell a home, there is no question that the DIY projects listed here will help to boost the value of the home. However, even if a homeowner has no plans to sell, these projects can be done with ease and help improve the living environment, which is nice for everyone who lives in the house.

When it comes to any DIY repair project or remodeling project, make sure to gather the proper tools and equipment before getting started. Also, if a homeowner isn’t sure how to do something or doesn’t know how to handle the project safely, it’s a good idea to reach out to the professionals. The experts can help ensure the project is handled safely and properly and the highest ROI possible is received.