Most of my followers know I have 4 daughters that are completely silly. And I love them so. This year, I want to help put more effort into spreading a positive dad influence towards my girls. I figured the best way to counteract any negativity that surrounds dads in general is with positive parenting.

Below you will find quotes or general guidelines to be a better dad, to encourage our little ladies, and remind them they have loving men in their life.

Daughter Quote

Things Dads Need to Tell Their Daughters

  1. “You can always tell how a man will treat his wife by the way he treats his mother.” – Janette Rallison
  2. You can do anything a man can do. Including mowing the grass, unclogging toilets, changing the brakes on the car, and running a nation.
  3. You don’t have to love it, but familiarize yourself with the rules of football and baseball.
  4. Learn to drive a stick-shift.
  5. You are beautiful.
  6. I know you want to look the best you can, but let me give you some advice when it comes to makeup. Less is more.
  7. If you want to impress someone, nothing is more attractive than intelligence.
  8. Find a chance to use power tools and embrace its power.
  9. Step outside the box of life sometimes and see what the world has to offer you.
  10. Some days you’ll feel like life sucks, know things will get better with time.
  11. It is okay to have a crush on a celebrity, but when it comes to your real #ManCrush find someone equal to you.
  12. Gossip less and listen more.
  13. You don’t have to “DO” anything for someone to love you. The right person for you will appear when you least expect it and you will know it is fate.
  14. Don’t blend in; blend out.
  15. The fastest way to strain a relationship with a man is to bring up old drama. We can’t remember to put the toilet seat down. What makes you think we remember that thing we did 6 months ago?
  16. Know how to make a fist… and throw a punch.
  17. If a man genuinely loves you, he will let you set the boundaries. Don’t let anyone take something from you they can’t give back. You set the tone for the sexual relationship.
  18. It is a fact that stress makes you age faster, so “don’t worry be happy.”
  19. Compare every single boy you ever meet to your daddy. Nobody will love you like he does.
  20. I Love You!!!