Are you a dad, of any age, who wants to keep your personal appearance up to date and look great at the same time? For guys who are focused on raising a family and juggling career responsibilities, it’s easy to neglect current fashion trends and components of outward appearance.

Dads Hacks for Looking Your Best

Dads Hacks for Looking Your Best

That’s completely understandable, especially for older guys. But what if you could add a bit of pizzazz to your look with little effort or expense? Of course, that’s a deal any dad could go for.

Modern, suave men know that the two key components to an appealing appearance are clothing and hair, which are the first two items on our list of essential dad hacks for ramping up your personal style quotient.

The Secret About Clothing

There’s a secret about getting the whole clothing thing right, especially if you’re a working father who has little time to keep up with apparel trends. Hire a personal fashion consultant. Don’t worry, there’s no need to be a wealthy celebrity to take advantage of expert clothing advice.

If you’re an athletic type, a fashion consultant can get you the best workout clothes, shoes, and gear for your daily exercise routine. Whether you prefer running, jogging, or power-walking, the right shoes are essential. For those who want to maximize their performance, Brooks running shoes for men offer superior cushioning and support for a better workout experience. They come in a variety of colors and styles to fit every man’s needs.

Check for freelance fashion advisors online. Most charge very reasonable rates for one-time sessions, and most are glad to work in person or via video chat. These experts can help you find affordable ensembles that work for your skin tone, body shape, and color preferences.

Find The Hair Style That Works For You

Finding a cut and style that works for you is only half of the hair game. The other, more important half is related to the hair itself, how nourished it is and whether it exudes a healthful look.

No matter what type of hair you have, the smart way to achieve ideal growth is to shop online for products that revitalize and replenish your hair. That includes items like high-quality conditioners, all-natural shampoos, and treatments designed to build healthier, fuller strands.

In fact, hair care for men is one of the fastest-growing segments of the personal product’s market these days.

Dad Hacks #3 – The Dad Slump

Don’t do the dad slump, that all-too-common slump that often sets in soon after age 30. What’s the hack for winning the posture battle? Believe it or not, the wisest strategy is to speak with your primary care doctor.

They’ll be glad to give you advice based on your physical particulars, like age, weight, height, and postural habits. Doctors can even recommend daily exercises for strengthening postural muscles and prescribe flexible vests that help train your back muscles to stay in alignment.

What is Your Signiture Scent

The key to the right scent is to neither overdo nor underdo the effort. Too many older males tend to wear strong cologne and glop on the aftershave lotion. Instead, find a female friend who’s willing to shop with you for an appropriate scent that works for you. You’ll be surprised at how well a female nose can locate an ideal product in this category.

Men Get Their Nails Done Too

Don’t be shocked if you visit a local nail shop and see lots of men lined up for no-polish manicures. Actually, a growing number of adult males are opting to have their nails polished in earth tones like slate gray or matte black.

Ten years ago, this was a non-existent trend, but more and more dads are opting to get regular manicures and polish.