Knives have long been considered a practical everyday carry, or EDC, item due to their extreme versatility and usefulness. While an EDC knife can definitely be used for outdoor hobbies. It is not just for hikers and those who enjoy rugged activities.

EDC Knife, 7 Practical Ways to Use an EDC Knife, Days of a Domestic Dad

Ways to Use an EDC Knife

Whether you are commuting to an office each day, chauffeuring kids back and forth to sports and school, or just working around your home, here are some practical ways to use an EDC knife.


Probably the most obvious use, an EDC knife is handy to have on your person when you need a blade to cut something. This “something” could be anything from a loose string on your clothing to an apple you grabbed for breakfast on your way out the door.

Other things that you might want to cut include clamshell packaging; or plastic or taped seals when opening a box, zip ties, clothing hang tags, or fishing line. If you have kiddos around, you might also find yourself cutting things like gummy bear packages, shoelaces that are knotted beyond recognition, or a sliver off a brownie to ensure everyone gets the same sized slice.

These EDC folding knives are particularly great for cutting, due to their finger-friendly® ceramic blade, which is naturally rust-free and safer to touch than traditional steel blades. 


While an EDC knife won’t take the place of a good pry-bar, it can be used for prying small things in a pinch. Most of us have probably experienced the frustration of trying to remove a wedged-in dead battery from a car key fob or other small gadget on the go.

In many cases, problems like this can easily be solved using the tip of an EDC knife to gently pry the stubborn item in question out of its housing. If you find yourself in an office environment. You may need to pry staples up for easy removal, or gently pry open a stuck compartment on a printer or copy machine. 


Another way that an EDC knife can be utilized is as a poking tool when a quick hole is needed. Adding a drainage hole, for example, is generally easy to do with an EDC knife. If you receive a lot of mail order products, you have likely had to dispose of those large, air-filled plastic pockets that are often included for protection during shipment.

A quick poke with an EDC knife can quickly remove the air, making these much more compact for the trashcan or recycle bin. Another poking-related use might be to create a new hole for a belt or pet collar.


There may be nothing worse than to find yourself hungry. With a tasty bagel and a delicious cream cheese topping and no way to spread it. If you have an EDC knife, though, your problem can quickly be solved. This same handy tool also works for peanut butter and jelly, cake frosting, mayonnaise, butter, and a whole plethora of other condiments. 

EDC Knife, 7 Practical Ways to Use an EDC Knife, Days of a Domestic Dad
stainless steel pocketknife with blackwash finish on blade and handle


Whether you are working with a speaker, low voltage, or regular electrical wire, an EDC pocket knife can pretty easily stand in for a wire stripper if needed. This makes on-the-go fixes for things like repairing a landscaping light or reconnecting loose trailer brake wiring much easier. Other stripping-related tasks include taking the exterior bark off of a stick, sharpening a pencil, and even stripping stickers or wallpaper.


People have been using knives for centuries to carve intricate designs, identification initials, or handy notches into their possessions.

With an EDC knife, you can pass the time by transforming a stick or block of wood into something creative, add fun patterns or inlays to leather. Let everyone know something belongs to you by carving your name or initials into it, or show someone how much you love them with a hand-carved sentiment piece.

Carving meat also works too, so be prepared for your next BBQ, family gathering, or office party with your EDC knife.


Last, but certainly not least, EDC knives can be used for quick scraping tasks. Things like removing dried gum or excess glue from a hard surface, cleaning a corroded battery terminal on your car, and getting stickers or paint residue off glass are just a few ideas.

Some people also find that an EDC knife can be good for scraping scales when cleaning a fish, digging seeds out of fruit, or removing the scratch off film from a lottery ticket or gift card.

An Overall Great EDC Choice

The above list of ideas is just a sampling of the many practical ways to use an EDC knife. Many people find that once they start carrying one, and get used to having it with them regularly, it becomes an essential item that they try not to leave home without.

While it is important to consider the laws that govern knife carry for your state, and honor any policies that employers or businesses have in place. The EDC knife can be a great tool to have at your disposal.