One of the latest additions to Google’s family of expanding products is Google Home and Chromecast, available at Best Buy. The Google Home is a voice-activated personal assistant device. You speak to the tabletop cylinder and it answers or performs many simple tasks like setting an alarm, playing your favorite music or getting the weather forecast.

How to Connect Google Home and Chromecast

The voice-activated speaker is powered by Google Assistant. Assistant tightly integrates all of your Google applications, such as Gmail, Google Maps, and Calendar.

Home can also be linked with Chromecast, Google’s streaming device. You just plug the device into your TV’s HDMI port, powered by a USB cable. Using your Android or iOS phone, tablet, or computer as a remote control, you can access video content from YouTube, Netflix, the Google Play Store and more. You can also stream almost any kind of content from the Chrome browser.

Goolge Chromecast

We happen to like YouTube videos a lot. So, we experimented with our new personal home assistant device and our Chromecast by streaming some videos. It was great to be able to watch these on a large HDTV screen with good speakers. And, it is so easy to control using the phone as a remote.

This Google assistant is customizable with various types of information for our family. It will greet us in the morning and give us important updates and reminders throughout the day, such as news headlines, stock performance, recipes, scheduled appointments, assignments to complete, etc. It also can answer questions we might have when we are doing school work. We tested this out by asking some questions about the moon and the night sky.

Google Home Speakers

At night we are able to ask Home to turn on the outside lights and adjust the inside temperature of the house with simple voice commands.

Best Buy has both Home and Chromecast available online or in stores right now. You can check out the features and reviews of both Google Home and Chromecast at the website.