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Adobe Systems incorporated is an American computer software company based in San Jose, California and is credited for being the creator of the Adobe Creative Cloud. Adobe Creative Cloud is the successor of Adobe Creative Suite, and offers a subscription of features that are beneficial to photographers and image editing enthusiasts.

The Adobe Creative Cloud photography plan contains two powerful photo editing programs and includes a 12-month subscription for both Adobe Photoshop and the Adobe Light room Creative Cloud. These programs provide a comprehensive and powerful photograph post-production editing. They both work in retouching, raw image processing, image file organization and exporting. The two components can also be effectively used in mobile devices as Light room mobile and Photoshop Mix. The subscription therefore ensures a simultaneous synchronization of the files throughout all the different devices the subscriber uses. The creative cloud subscription also offers the user constant feature updates to ensure that they are up-to-date and enhanced such that there is a seamless functioning of the applications within their devices.

The Photoshop Creative Cloud (CC) has numerous unique features for Photoshopping an image file. The Photoshop CC allows the user to apply blurring motion effects on the image. The blurring feature gallery of the application has features such as elliptical, circular and path-shaped blurs for creating a sense of motion within the image. The Perspective warp feature of the Photoshop CC enables the user to adjust the perspective of a portion of the image without necessarily affecting the rest of the image. It changes the camera’s view point of the image and also compositing images together despite having different camera positions and vanishing points. The camera shake feature helps in the repairing photos damaged due to blur caused by longer focal lengths and slow shutter speeds. The Photo Mix application, used in the mobile devices can cut out and combine imagery, apply distinct enhancing features on the image and make constructive edits on the image file.

The Light room CC has features that enables the user to combine into one, several images to create a panorama image in one frame. It also has the facial recognition feature enabling the user to easily find other photos of an individual without sourcing their metadata. The application also can also be used in quickly fixing image defects without affecting the main subjects of the image. It also has the ability to merge different exposures within a single frame to achieve an extended dynamic range.

The Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan therefore enables the photographer to process and organize a complete photo library from within different devices simultaneously. The subscription Plan, through the Adobe CreativeSync technology also offers cloud-based editing and storage for the user. This enables the user to store and access image files on the go from all compatible devices whereby they can perform editing of their image files from their different synchronized devices.