Feeling a little cabin fevered? You’re not alone. While Governor Greg Abbott’s lockdown measures are far from the most draconian in the world (or the country) they have severely impacted the kind of outdoorsy lifestyle that many Texans love (more info).

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Activities When Lockdown is Lifted

As much as we all love our homes, few of us ever intend to spend the overwhelming majority of our day in them. With all but essential stores closing their doors, restaurants limiting themselves to takeout only and recreational activities all-but eliminated most of us are facing a very different way of life right now. Even those lucky enough to be able to work from home and enjoy some semblance of continuity can find themselves feeling stressed and depressed. Restless kids stressed spouses and a feeling of displacement can prove an effective recipe.

If you’re struggling to retain your hope and optimism for the future, it’s absolutely vigal that you keep your eyes fixed firmly on the light at the end of the tunnel. Rather than bemoan all the things you can’t do, celebrate all that you can. Get around to reading those books that have been gathering dust on the shelf. Spend the time that would’ve been lost to rush hour traffic playing with your kids. And take some time to sit together as a family and plan some of the awesome activities that you’ll be able to enjoy once the lockdown is lifted. 

Activities like…


Is there any activity more wholesome or quintessentially American than fishing? Fishing has long been an activity that parents and kids have bonded over. But faced with long working hours and stressful conditions, few of us have been able to make the time. Why not start planning your next fishing adventure, whether it’s a lazy Sunday afternoon of fly fishing or tournament-style sport fishing with an experienced professional crew? You can even start coaching your kids on their fly casting technique at home. 

Catching up with friends and family

Just because you’re social distancing doesn’t mean that you should be socially isolated. In this wonderful world of video chat we can talk to our loved ones face to face (kinda) regularly, no matter where in the world they are. Still, you can’t share a hug with your best friend over Skype. You can’t kiss your grandson over the phone. Why not start planning a get together with your nearest and dearest in a favorite local location? Anywhere but your home! 

, Activities to Look Forward to When Lockdown is Lifted!, Days of a Domestic Dad

Going to the movies

We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to enjoying movies at home. We get to enjoy them on big TVs with awesome digital sound. And in the age of streaming services we have access to more content than we can shake a remote control at. But let’s be honest, nothing compares to going to the movies together as a family. From the big cinema screen to the immersive sound to the popcorn and treats, the theatrical experience counts for a lot. And with movies like Wonder Woman 1984 and Tenet and a new Ghostbusters movie on the horizon, there’s a lot to get excited about. Let’s just hope things return to normal in time for the summer blockbuster season.

Dining like royalty

However did we manage without services like Postmates and GrubHub? Still, while these delivery services are a great way to support your favorite restaurants in this difficult time, and ensure that you have lots of delicious treats to enjoy, it’s just not the same. Even when the food arrives piping hot, you miss out on the ambience, the warm welcome and the sense of occasion that comes with visiting your favorite restaurants. Now might just be the perfect time to plan where you’ll be dining like royalty first. 

, Activities to Look Forward to When Lockdown is Lifted!, Days of a Domestic Dad


When you’re stuck between four walls, the call of nature can seem almost deafening. Still, it’s important to remember that families can still enjoy our great state’s national parks (as long as they’re sensible and maintain social distancing). However, facilities at the park are closed and camping there overnight is now prohibited. 

Now’s as good a time as any to start planning an epic camping adventure as a family so that you can enjoy night after night sleeping under a blanket of stars to make up for your weeks or months of confinement. 

Mom and Dad time

Finally, with the kids away from school and… pretty much everything else right now, parents are finding it harder to find time for one another. Especially in households where one or both parents are having to learn to be teachers. When all this is over, parents should certainly make some time for one another to see each other through a different lens than that of co-parent.