There’s no better way to strengthen your family bonding other than spending quality time together. However, being intentional about this isn’t always easy, especially since parents are always busy with their jobs and kids are occupied with their studies

, 6 Ways To Level Up Family Nights, Days of a Domestic Dad

Ways To Level Up Family Nights

Despite your busy schedules, one great way you can reconnect and have fun with your family is by organizing family nights.  

Family nights can be daily, weekly, or monthly, but most people go for weekly. Life can sometimes get too busy especially during the day when everyone is trying to catch up with individual tasks. However, organizing family nights is the perfect chance to reconnect as a family, create memories, and, better yet, make this a family tradition.  

This easy habit will surely bring fun and joy to your home and your family. Now, to get started, here are six ways you can level up your family nights and make them more memorable and enjoyable for everybody! 

Family Movie Nights 

One of the easiest family nights to pull off is family movie nights. Typically, you or your kids get to pick a movie and watch it together for the night. Some would also prepare popcorns and other special treats for everyone to enjoy during the movie.  

One way to level up your movie night is by making it an outdoor movie night. You can take out your tent, or better yet, create one made of customized photo blankets and tie it together like you’re creating a house made of blankets for your kids. Then, set up the screen inside the blanket, or you can hang a white sheet as an alternative. Lastly, turn on the projector and play the movie your family has decided to watch for the night.  

Don’t forget to add comfortable seating, more pillows, and more customized photo blankets to make the experience cozy for everyone. Imagine having movie nights with your family. You can see more here for personalized yet sentimental photo blankets covering you and your kids as you cuddle up together. 

, 6 Ways To Level Up Family Nights, Days of a Domestic Dad

Backyard Camping 

If your kids have never tried camping before, hosting backyard camping for the family may be the best way to introduce them to the activity. To level up their experience and make it as realistic as possible, let them pack their own camping bags and fill them with clothes, toys, and other things they may need for the camping.

Then, assemble the tent in the backyard with all the lighting, blankets, and campfire. You can also teach your kids to make s’mores by the campfire while bonding together as a family. 

Make Your Own Pizza 

Perhaps your previous family nights involved out to the pizza parlor and ordering your favorite pizzas to go. To level up your family night experience, why not try making your own pizza with your kids? This is a surefire way to combine family bonding and weekend dinner preparation. You can start by buying the ingredients and mixing them in bowls.  

You can let your kids participate in preparing the pizza dough and forming them into tiny or big pizzas. You may also let them decorate their pizza however they want. Once the pizzas are cooked, get ready to enjoy them together at the dining table. 

Themed Family Nights 

This one will be pretty similar to planning a themed party in your house! But the only difference is that your party guests should only include your family and kids. For this one, you can let your kids choose which theme should be organized for the week. You can use it to create decorations, preparing snacks, crafting costumes, and doing activities related to the theme.  

For instance, if the kids had chosen superheroes for this week’s theme, you can use superheroes in decorating the house, baking cookies with superhero faces, and letting them wear superhero costumes. Other excellent family night theme ideas can include animals, cartoon characters, and holidays.  

Surprise Family Night 

Let’s say you and your kids have been doing family nights for a long time now. If you’re looking for a way to level it up big time, this may be a good time to surprise them with an overnight stay at a hotel! Imagine seeing your kids’ surprised and ecstatic faces after telling them that tonight’s family night will be in a hotel. Better yet, make sure to book a hotel with a swimming pool or at least request a family room with a scenic view for the kids to enjoy.  

Board Game Night 

There are plenty of board games that will surely be fun for the family and kids. To motivate everyone to win the game, you can create a reward for the winner and a ‘consequence’ for anyone who loses. For instance, the winner gets another slice of pizza or a pack of cookies, while the loser has to sing, dance, or recite a poem in front of the family.  

Wrapping Up 

If you loved this list of leveling up your family night experience, you could start planning them now. Let these ideas inspire you to host happy and memorable family nights with your family and kids. You should always remember to make quality family time one of your top priorities.