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Writing this now I can hear the coos and yelps of our homeschool tutor’s daughter, as she watches the newest and coolest addition to your child’s Netflix choices. Originally on Disney Junior, PJ Masks show is taking Children’s Netflix by storm as this great show should. The show follows three six-year-olds who turn into a group of superheroes by night that bring justice back to their town.

PJ Masks PJ Masks cast

PJ Masks

With villains not too menacing to scare the children, they teach valuable life-lessons about good and evil. Conner, Amaya and Greg turn into Catboy, Owlette and Gekko, and fight PJ Masks villains like Romeo, a young evil scientist eager to have it all his way. While the show was made for a toddler aged audience, it still offers up some witty fun for all ages. Which is why we will probably see lots of little PJ superheroes this Halloween. Every generation needs a good superhero show and this could definitely be it for our kiddos.


Two of the reasons our family already loves PJ Masks, is because it is a modern and imaginative take on your classic superhero tale, and it involves a very diverse cast. Just looking at the main characters, two out of three of them have a darker complexion, and as we follow the story, more and more characters of all colors show up. Coming from a mixed family it is always nice to see positive representation of racial equality for our children. Netflix now has the first season, all twenty-six of the PJ Masks full episodes, available to watch or download.

Which means your child can have the PJ Masks with them, on all of their own adventures. Also, due to the show’s very successful debut, they now have a live touring show that could be a great time for all of our own little superheroes.

PJ Masks Cast

In case you want to know who is behind the PJ Masks characters, here is a small list of the PJ Masks cast.

  • PJ Masks Owlette – Addison Holley
  • PJ Masks Catboy – Jacob Ewaniuk
  • PJ Masks Gekko – Kyle Breitkopf
  • PJ Masks Romeo – Alex Thorne