From popping some Disney figurines on your fireplace to watching Disney films together, here are some of the best ways you can enjoy the magic of Disney as a family.

Magic of Disney, Enjoy The Magic of Disney With These Top Tips, Days of a Domestic Dad

Watch Disney Movies

The family that plays together, stays together. And for families that love Disney, one of the best ways to play together is to have a lazy movie afternoon spent munching popcorn and watching your favourite Disney films. Why not pick an evening and designate it as family movie night each week? It will give your kids something to look forward to when they’re snowed under with homework and school projects. Turn off your phones, devices and other distractions, open up a big bag of snacks and snuggle together on the sofa. It’s a wonderful way to promote family bonding and engagement and is an activity that can entertain children of all ages. It is ideal if you have a significant age gap between siblings, and in cold weather when outdoor activities are less appealing.

Go to Disney World

The ultimate holiday for a family of Disney enthusiasts is a trip to Disneyland. Whether you want to visit Disneyland Paris, Disney land in California or Walt Disney World in Florida, your whole family will be wholly immersed in the wonder of Disney, and the joy that it can bring. A trip to Disneyland will be busy and expensive (and certainly can’t be categorized as a quiet and relaxing family holiday), but if you plan it correctly, you will all have a wonderful time and forge memories that you’ll never forget. It is possible to purchase discount Disneyland tickets, so look around before you go. 

When planning your visit, you may come across various deals and offers, but it’s crucial to ensure they’re from reputable sources. Many potential visitors often ask questions like “Is Undercover Tourist legit?” or “Are there any Undercover Tourist scams?”, so you can read user reviews before going for any deals. These are valid concerns that one should address before making any purchases.

Magic of Disney, Enjoy The Magic of Disney With These Top Tips, Days of a Domestic Dad

Eat Like You’re In Disneyland

From Mickey Mouse shaped waffles to chocolate covered bananas, the food in Disney World is so delicious and so extensive that it almost deserves an article all of its own. If your family love to eat in Disneyland then why not bring their favourite dishes to life in your own home? You can find a whole range of different Disney inspired recipes online, and you can also use your imagination to inject Disney magic into every dish. Why stack three pancakes on top of each other, for example, when you could lay them out on the plate and add chocolate buttons to create Mickey Mouse’s face?

Start Your Day the Disney Way

The Disney ethos is all about being thankful for every day. Peter Pan teaches us never to grow up; Cinderella shows us to be kind and follow our dreams, while Sleeping Beauty that we should never give up on ourselves or on the people that we love. These are all wonderful ethos to introduce into our homes so that we raise heroes, rather than villains! By reminding our children to be kind and encouraging them to think about their long term goals, you are more likely to raise healthy and well-rounded children.

Host Disney Themed Celebrations

Finally, why have a party when you could have a Disney themed party? From summer barbeques to birthday parties, Christmas get-togethers to Halloween spookfests, all of your parties will be more fun if you give them a Disney twist. The beauty of the extensive Disney back catalogue is that there’s a Disney film for everything, so you’ll find inspiration to suit every event and every member of your family.