The living room is the heart of most households – it’s where the whole family can spend time together and relax. It’s also usually the first room people see when they come over.

fashionable spacious livingroom apartment with stylish design

Creating visual harmony by balancing physical objects like art and furniture with the structural features of the room is paramount.

Whether it’s a space for formal entertaining or a playroom for the kids to enjoy, living rooms also need to serve multiple purposes. The key to any great living room is ensuring it appeals to both form and function.

Mistakes like choosing the wrong sofa or wall color can throw an entire room’s aesthetic off. Still, creating a living room you’ll love doesn’t have to be too complicated.

Here are five expert tips to help you.

1. Arrange the Furniture for Conversation

Because living rooms are places where people gather, you should arrange all the furniture to facilitate and encourage interaction and conversation. Seating pieces like chairs and sofas should be pulled away from the walls and moved to face each other.

The Ventless Gas Log sets are also an excellent addition to your living room setup as they provide a warm and cozy atmosphere, perfect for engaging conversations. Log sets also come in a variety of styles and sizes, making them an ideal choice for any living room design.

Larger living rooms can be broken into two ‘conversation groups’ for a greater sense of intimacy. Ottomans or sectional pieces – like this fast delivery furniture – can be pulled into either group to make expanding the social circle easier. 

2. Create a Focal Point

A distinctive focal point will anchor the entire room and draw people into the space. While fireplaces used to be common natural focal points in living rooms, TVs have taken the center of attention in most modern homes. Instead of having a fireplace and TV competing for attention in the same space, combine them to create more balance.  

Other centerpieces – like a window view or a striking piece of art – can also serve as attractive and engaging focal pieces.

3. Opt for Stylish and Comfortable Flooring

Keeping the living room’s form and function in mind, opt for flooring that is both comfortable and aesthetically appealing. If you intend for the room to double as a playroom for children, consider choosing floor coverings that are also durable and easy to clean.

If you want a rustic-looking floor to showcase a piece of furniture or art, opt for solid and neutral flooring that won’t compete with your statement pieces. Rugs placed on hardwood floors are a popular and timeless choice. Still, full carpeting, ceramic, and tile work exceptionally well too.

A natural-looking solution can also provide a clean and comfortable surface, perfect for living rooms. This is why homeowners like to get direct flooring that is specially designed and crafted with comfort in mind. They offer a wide range of flooring options, including hardwood floors, tile floors, laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, and more.

4. Add Character and Style with Trimwork

Although trimwork is a practical solution for covering seams and gaps around walls, windows, and other structures, it can also add character and charm to the room’s aesthetics.

You can choose trimwork in contemporary, classic, regional, or old-world styles to give your living room a distinctive look.

5. Set the Tone with the Walls

Traditionally, living room walls are more formal or elaborate than other walls in the house because the room is considered a public space. Choose treatments or wall coverings that reflect your style, are inviting, and suit your personality.

Wallpaper with chic prints is very in-vogue at the moment and can also bring a lot of texture, color, and warmth to the room.