For many, starting their own business is their dream. Being an entrepreneur is like being an explorer, carving your own path through life, and marching to the beat of your own drum. But the sense of adventure, risk, and passion, are just some of the reasons why entrepreneurship is such an appealing path.

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Calling All Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs seem to somehow have the best of both worlds – they get to be in charge of themselves, but they also have the financial stability that most people look for when they are seeking a job. 

But of course, the entrepreneurs that we see on TV and read about on the news make it look a lot easier than it actually is. And even the stories of their hardships still never quite capture just how difficult being an entrepreneur can be.

After hearing about the stories of people like Bill Gates or even Walt Disney, what’s most interesting isn’t just their success, it’s the journey that took them there. And so many people have tried to follow in their footsteps. 

As said before, entrepreneurship is difficult. It takes more courage, resourcefulness, confidence, and hard work, than people, can learn in school or even from experience. And that’s why entrepreneurship is different for everybody – no two people have the same journey, and every entrepreneur has their own tips and tricks for managing their lifestyle.

But one thing similar to every entrepreneur’s journey is that they never stop learning. 

Learning should be a continued part of everyone’s life, especially in this ever-changing world. But as an entrepreneur, it is absolutely vital. For entrepreneurs, learning is a part of the process, even after they become successful.

So how do entrepreneurs always make time to learn new things?

Well, much of the time, entrepreneurs learn about necessity. They pick up skills along the way. 

Entrepreneurs rarely get it right on the first try. And that is why it can be such a scary thing. They learn every time they learn something new, and they learn from each of their failures.

But another way that entrepreneurs learn is by engaging with new perspectives on all kinds of subjects. And a lot of the time, they do this by reading.

Reading keeps the mind engaged, and the material you read can be not only interesting but can also influence you in ways you’ve never expected. This is why so many people find literature enriching.

So, as an entrepreneur, what kinds of things should you read? Here are five suggestions:

  1. Team Building and Psychology

Some people think about entrepreneurs like a stereotypical, scientific genius – a lone wolf that takes on the world. But in reality, being an entrepreneur requires you to work with a lot of people. 

Especially when starting out, entrepreneurs often need to lean on others who share their vision. And developing a business or an idea into something much larger takes the effort of a village. 

Reading about team building and psychology can help entrepreneurs both get to know themselves and how they think as well as work better with others and learn how to create and manage an effective and efficient team and learn how photo sharing can help to make a strong bonding between team members.

  1. Marketing and Communication

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about the ideas – it’s also about bringing the ideas to life. And that’s why things like marketing and communication are important. These are both skills that are vital to any emerging business.

When trying to market a product, knowing how to appeal to an audience is important to a product’s success. For example, since consumer culture has changed so drastically with social distancing and self-isolation, many businesses have needed to change up their marketing strategies. 

Knowing how to recognize shifts in culture and society as well as how to act on them and work with or around them is crucial. Without it, even amazing products might not make it. 

  1. Technology and Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays nearly everything is related to technology. Technology and developments in artificial intelligence have been changing up every field. According to Digital Authority, AI in healthcare has found extensive application, in everything from diagnostics and treatment to service and management. 

Learning about technology and AI is a no-brainer. It is an evolving industry that has played a role in fields no one imagined it would ever be a part of. But not everyone is well-versed in tech or AI, and this is where reading can really have an impact. 

Some of the best books on AI or even technology don’t have to be dull and dry textbooks either. A number of people have written amazing books on the topic that are engaging and educational. 

  1. Fiction

Speaking of reading that’s not dry or dull, many entrepreneurs actually read a lot of fiction! Part of being an entrepreneur is having a vision and to set out to achieve it. Fiction is a great way to help stretch the bounds of your mind and help you be more creative and more thoughtful. 

  1. Leadership

Last but not least, entrepreneurs should read about leadership. 

A lot of people misunderstand the terms leadership and management, often equating the two, but they are not the same. Being a leader requires setting an example and being a rock for all the people in your team, not just telling them what to do and delegating responsibilities. 

But being a leader isn’t easy, especially when working with a diverse group. As such, when you’re a leader, you need to understand how different types of people operate, how to help them on a person-to-person basis while also working to achieve work-related goals, and how to keep up morale. After all, having employees who believe in your vision and are dedicated to the greater goals of the company is just as important as getting things done.

There are so many lessons entrepreneurs can learn by being a leader that it can feel like a massive pressure. This is why one of the major lessons in leading by example is to become the leader you want to be. This can mean “faking it til you make it” or changing your style to send very subtle psychological signals to people. For example, wearing glasses can reduce your threat level to others and can make you look more honest. So you may want to start here by finding some pairs that give off the right signals.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur or want to be an entrepreneur, reading will help you so many different ways. Reading can help you learn about things you’ve never experienced, give you insight into the human conditions, and even help expand your creativity. But if you don’t know where to start, any of the five subjects above are great for all entrepreneurs, no matter what field or business interests you.