Let Roomba Help You With the Hard Work

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Could you use a little extra help around the house? I know I could! With a total of five of us in and out of the house all day, the floors can become a mess.

iRobot Roomba 870

My Roomba is a Game Changer

So to step up my game around the house I teamed up with Best Buy and iRobot to try out the Roomba 870. This little dirt suck does all the hard work. I just press Clean or schedule Roomba to vacuum when it’s most convenient for me. Then it does its thing…clean. You can see in my video below, my Roomba has no shame, it goes everywhere I let it. For example I set up the two virtual walls that come with the 870, and remains in its wanted area. After that, no need to hunt Roomba down it automatically returns to its Home Base® to recharge between cleanings. You just need to clean out the dirt container so it will be ready for it’s next go around.

Get to Know The Roomba 870

  • iAdapt® Responsive Navigation Technology with cliff-detection sensors
  • Large HEPA filter keeps dust, dander, and other allergens out of the air
  • iRobot® XLife™ Extended Life Battery provides double the battery cycles
  • Bin Full indicator light lets you know when the bin needs emptying
  • 2 Virtual Wall Barriers keep Roomba in the rooms you want to vacuum & out of the ones you don’t
  • No more cleaning brushes! Tangle-free AeroForce™ Extractors are virtually maintenance free, making it even easier for Roomba to tackle daily dirt build-up and leave more time for you to enjoy your day.
  • Roomba’s large HEPA filter keeps dust, dander, and other allergens out of the air – ideal for homes with pets and allergy sufferers
  • Just press CLEAN or schedule Roomba to vacuum when it’s most convenient for you.
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iRobot Roomba 870

 What’s Included with the iRobot Roomba 870

  • iRobot Roomba 870 Vacuum Cleaning Robot
  • 2 virtual walls with batteries
  • Home base
  • HEPA filter
  • iRobot XLife battery
  • Owner’s manual

You can find more information about the iRobot Roomba 870 or any of the other iRobot products at Best Buy.

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  1. I’ve always wondered how these work! It’s nice to see it in action.

  2. nancyjblahblah93 says:

    It was nice to see the video showing how the iRobot Roomba 870 cleaned every inch of the carpet. Looks like it does a fabulous job simplifying my housework.

  3. Nice list, although I think it’s missing a few great models that should be on there. Spending a bit of extra cash on a good robot vacuum is definitely worth it. Robot vacuums are great on hardwood floors, and many of the people I’ve recommended this to have come back to tell me how much they enjoy it, and how much easier its made their cleaning day. If anyone reading this has hardwood or low pile carpeting, I highly recommend picking one up (if it’s within your budget of course).

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