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The Lexus NX is a mid size SUV that fills a gap in the market often left unfilled by other carmakers. The NX is a much sleeker version of other SUVs that you can find on the market, and the vehicle comes with more options than a standard SUV. You will find very large SUVs everywhere, but it is hard to find an SUB the size of the NX. The NX comes with many features that make it as easy to drive as a sedan, and the vehicle gives you more than enough power when you must dart down the road.

2015 Lexus NX

#1: The Size

The NX offers seating for two in the front and spacious seating for three in the back. This is the kind of vehicle that appeals to retirees who want to drive a big car, small families and people who own their own businesses. You may drive this car as if it were a sports car, and there is even a sports version that helps you carry the weight of the vehicle easily. The lowered roof helps keep the vehicle as sleek as possible, and the aerodynamic swoops on the body help the car glide through the air.

#2: The Power

The power in the NX is divided between the NX, the NX F and the NX Hybrid. The hybrid comes with the 200 hp engine featured in the standard NX, and the NX F offers 300 hp that will help you get better performance. You may use the NX F when you are offroading, or you may choose to use the NX F to glide into the city during the day. You get a surge of power that cannot be denied by keen drivers, or you may choose to lay back and use the NX Hybrid engine which is much quieter overall.

2015 Lexus NX

#3: The Gearbox

The six-speed transmission in the 2015 Lexus NX is fitted with a paddle-operated gearbox that will shift the gears like a manual without the need for a clutch. This is a great option for people who love to take the car to the max between gear changes without the use of a clutch, and the drivers who like the feeling of a sporty car without learning to drive a stick can get the NX. This is a great option for drivers who never learned to drive a manual or drivers who would prefer not to drive a manual anymore.

#4: The F Suspension

The standard ride in the NX is very soft, and you will feel nothing you run over while you are on the road. The suspension itself helps give you the most pleasing driving experience possible, but the F offers you a lowered suspension for sporty driving that offers better response. You will feel the handling improve in the corners, and you will notice that the steering is much sharper in the F. You should get the F when you are looking for a powerful car that will zip through the city easily.

2015 Lexus NX

#5: Electronics

The electronic options on the Lexus NX help bring the whole package together. Satellite navigation, voice activated controls, climate control and control buttons on the steering wheel make the vehicle much easier to drive. The driver who wants to keep his/her eyes on the road may use all the safety features on the NX to remain focused on driving.

The Lexus NX, NX Hybrid and NX F offer three distinct driving styles that will appeal to every driver on the road. Merely getting the wheel is confirmation enough that this is the right vehicle for every type of driver.