Dragon Look a like

Race Through Summer with the Dragons Race to the Edge Series

Disclosure: As a part of the Netflix #StreamTeam I am happy to watch, enjoy and review Netflix movies. All opinions are my own. With summer in full swing and us as a family travelling a lot, I figured it was time to have a day to play. We have been on either road trips or […]


Get a First Look of the Good Dinosaur Trailer #GoodDino

Over the past couple months we have seen a few new movies like InsideOut and Ant-Man, and during the previews the Good Dinosaur has caught my eye. This Diney film is just too cute and is packed for a good message, “The Good Dinosaur” asks the question: What if the asteroid that forever changed life […]

Kenny O Descendants

Interview: Disney Descendants Cast & Director Kenny Ortega

I have always been a huge fan of Disney and the magic they produce, in person or on camera. Recently I was wow’d again with the up coming premier of Descendants. This Disney Channel exclusive is a slam dunk winner, and has all the components to win the hearts of Disney Channel viewers. After the screening of […]