Do Yourself a Favor and Protect Your Credit #LifeLockHealthyCredit

Disclosure: LifeLock chose me to be a brand ambassador for their services and review their product offerings. Opinions are 100% mine. #LifeLockHealthyCredit #sp National Self-Improvement Month = Family First Since September is National Self-Improvement Month, celebrate by taking the time to do something for you. Go for a walk in the park to enjoy the final […]

Pumpkin filled Recipes

31 Pumpkin Filled Recipes

I’m a huge pumpkin fan and will admit that Thanksgiving just isn’t complete for me until I enjoy a slice of pumpkin pie with cool whip on top. But in recent years, I’ve discovered that there is so much you can do with pumpkin. While I’m a traditionalist and have to have my pumpkin pie, […]

2014 Toyota Highlander Badge

Ten Reason This Dad Likes the 2014 Toyota Highlander

Disclosure: I was loaned a 2014 Toyota Highlander to review and give my honest opinion. I rely love my job and being able to test and review services and products with my family. Recently Toyota loaned me a 2014 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Platinum to drive for the week. The Highlander immersed its self into the North […]