CULER Air Cooler

Combat the Texas Summer Heat with the CULER Air Cooler

The CULER Air Cooler are a one of a kind invention that make mechanical fans and air conditions less economic options for small spaces. The unique technology involved in CULER’s new Flash-Evaporative Air Coolers are state of the art, delivering a consistent flow of cool air to the locations that need it in a time efficient […]

Dreams Resort Family Travel

Families Can Recharge and Reconnect at Dreams Resorts

There is something to be said about the art of parenting. It can often draw out both the best and worst in us. And let’s admit it, sometimes we just need a change of pace. New scenery. An escape. Even with the kids, a #MomsEscape to Dreams Resorts could be exactly what we need to […]

Pineapple Recipes for Summer

15 Pineapple Recipes for Your Summer Party

My family and I are always trying to incorporate our favorite foods into new dishes to try! With a family full of kids I try to put new items on our weekly dinner menu but it always seems to be more appealing if they is a familiar item in the new dishes. One of my […]