You go everywhere in your Honda CR-V. As much as you depend on it, you also need dependable power from its battery.

Get A Family Car like the Honda Pilot

When you want more than OE performance, several high-quality battery options are ready to deliver. This guide explores popular models designed for optimal durability and power. 

Battery Options for Your CR-V

When choosing a battery for 2014 Honda CRV vehicles and other model years, it’s wise to keep some things in mind. Evaluate your climate, driving patterns, and power needs before you go shopping. 

Several models are available for your CR-V. 

Duralast Gold Battery

Duralast Gold batteries deliver consistent power in challenging conditions ranging from extreme cold to excess heat. Experience superior performance, consistent starting power, and longer battery life from this battery designed to meet and exceed OE performance standards. 

Duralast Platinum EFB Battery

Designed for vehicles with significant power needs, Duralast Platinum EFB batteries give you faithful ongoing performance. With the EFB’s fortified retainer, full-frame positive grid, and dense negative grid, it offers superb durability and always-ready power. 

Duralast Platinum AGM Battery

Duralast Platinum AGM batteries provide the high performance and durability you need for extensive driving. Designed to endure extreme weather conditions, these sturdy spill-proof batteries supply power for basic functions and critical electronic accessories like heated seats and HVAC equipment. 

Long Lasting Performance You Can Trust

Duralast Gold, Platinum EFB, and Platinum AGM batteries give you continuous power in extreme environments. While each battery for 2015 Honda CRV vehicles supplies power using different technologies, they harness advanced designs to accomplish this objective.

Duralast Gold batteries meet and exceed OE-level performance with an exclusive high-density paste formula that improves cycling. Gold batteries deliver 800 cold cranking amps and have a 140-minute reserve capacity.

The Duralast Platinum EFB is an extended flooded battery, which includes thicker positive and negative plates. This design results in deeper discharges than its regular OE counterparts. The EFB offers 1.5 times the life cycle of a conventional battery, plus 770 cold cranking amps and 150 minutes of reserve capacity. 

Duralast Platinum AGM batteries integrate an absorbent glass mat that drinks up the internal electrolyte solution and increases surface area contact with both the positive and negative plates. The AGM provides double the lifespan of a regular battery, along with 760 CCA and a reserve capacity of 130 minutes.

Greater Vibration Resistance

All three Duralast battery models have impact-resistant designs to prevent damage from excess vibration. Duralast Gold batteries integrate a patent-stamped grid design for enhanced electrical flow and enhanced corrosion resistance. The EFB includes an exclusive carbon additive that speeds up recharge rates. Like the EFB and Gold models, the AGM is also maintenance-free. It’s also much less prone to leaking than conventional batteries.

Duralast Gold, Platinum EFB, and Platinum AGM batteries give you several options for powering your Honda CR-V. With these three designs, you can select one that best meets your driving conditions and power needs. Find these and other Duralast batteries at your preferred auto parts retailer.