Do you know the exposure your brand can get in just an hour on Twitter? If 100 people tweet about your brand, using your hashtag, for an hour… the reach can quickly grow to over 1 million or more eyes on your product or service. So, why not try a Twitter party?

dodomesticdad Twitter party

Twitter Party

How will is work?

  • Party host will work with sponsor to develop the hashtag for the party, develop promotional tweets for use prior to and during the party.
  • Host will also assist sponsor in developing questions to be asked throughout party. Host will ask the approved questions and interact with party guests.
  • Host will post an RSVP post one week before the party date with approved messaging.
  • The party co-host will retweet the questions and important information from the party host. Co- host will engage with party guests to keep the conversation flowing. The co-host is also in charge of drawing, announcing, and collecting prize winner information to be provided to the sponsor.
  • Sponsor is responsible for all prizing.

Easy right? And there are brand benefits:

  1. Gain new followers on Twitter as well as your website, Facebook or other online presence.
  2. Introduce your Social Media presence as well as promote your product or brand to the reach of all those in attendance through their Twitter stream.
  3. Find those interested in your brand through the after-party #hashtag stream or through the RSVP list.

What do you think? Want to talk about having me host a Twitter party for you?

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