During an adventure abroad or while relaxing in the evenings, millions of people turn to their smartphone devices to fight off any boredom. For some, YouTube is the most appealing app to fire up, while others opt for a variety of games that can be housed on the powerful smartphones of today.

, The Finest Mobile Multiplayer Games Right Now, Days of a Domestic Dad

In fact, gaming is a preference for many, with mobile gaming’s overall package continuing to attract more people to it in 2024.

One area of mobile gaming that is particularly popular right now is the plethora of multiplayer products that are occupying the space. Sure, you can enjoy some more solitary gaming adventures through options like Subway Surfers and a variety of leading online slots, such as White Orchid, but you can also supplement your efforts alone with a gaming adventure in a pair. Be it with a family member or a best friend, it’s a fantastic thing to do.

Now, with mobile gaming reaching new heights, multiplayer games have become more readily available and come in many different varieties. If you need a few products to house on your device when those dull moments take over, then below is a look at just some of the finest multiplayer titles on mobile right now.

Clash of Clans

Kicking things off with a title that has been entertaining mass mobile gaming audiences since 2012, Clash of Clans is a fantastic opportunity many mobile gamers have yet to explore. The free-to-play mobile strategy video game is many peoples’ favorite option on mobile, and it’s easy to see why. The aim of this one is to build up your town, improve your army, and then come together as a community to fight off any invaders and make sure they never return. In terms of multiplayer offerings, you can join numerous clans and take part in some epic battles.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many of the top multiplayer games over the years have been racing games. After all, who doesn’t enjoy some high-octane racing action, especially if you can silence a loved one in the process? Asphalt 9: Legends provides exactly that, with this impressive car boasting a selection of top features. Not only are the graphics immaculate, but this well-liked product has excellent car collisions; you can customize your vehicles, there are plenty of cars to master and tracks to get the hang of, and it’s just an all-around solid racing game.

Pokémon Go

A release that is still going strong in 2024, Pokémon Go’s augmented reality package continues to pull in gamers from around the world. Although the game isn’t strictly multiplayer, there are numerous features that enable it to be enjoyed with more than one person. You can catch and evolve Pokemon together, take down gyms, trade Pokemon, send each other gifts, and loads more. Niantic’s title is truly immersive, enabling you to get out of the house and explore an outdoor environment as you aim to become the best trainers around.


A title that has always impressed, Brawlhalla is hard to fault. Serving up a truly entertaining escapade, players adore this fighting platformer that allows them to do battle with up to eight players online. With some brilliant characters to choose from and an array of dangerous moves to execute, this smash-hit release is well worth looking at, especially if you’re in need of a title with a strong combat focus.

Other top mobile multiplayer games include the likes of Mech Arena, World of Tanks Blitz, Iron Order 1919, League of Legends: Wild Rift, Mario Kart Tour, Gwent, Legends of Runeterra, and Runescape Mobile.

, The Finest Mobile Multiplayer Games Right Now, Days of a Domestic Dad