The Nashville Superspeedway is located in Lebanon, Tennessee, just outside Nashville. It is a beloved racetrack for many races and events, including NASCAR and civilian driving experiences at times. People can rent the racetrack space for many different events at a cost. Tailgating is also a beloved pastime at this location.

NASCAR Cars Racing on a Track

Racetrack events can present a health and safety risk, and attendees can find themselves victims of injury, theft, property damage, or other issues due to vehicle accidents or criminal acts, similar to many other popular events. It is also important to follow strict rules and policies to ensure safety. This guide will highlight these policies and risks.

About the Nashville Superspeedway

The Nashville Superspeedway is considered an intermediate track and consists of a tri-oval shape. It was opened in 2001 and has been a treasured pastime for many local and out-of-town visitors. NASCAR and IndyCar are notable race events that occur at this particular track. It typically hosts around 25,000 people at capacity, but the addition of temporary seating can increase this capacity to almost 40,000.

Track Policies

In order to maintain safety for attendees, employees, and drivers, there are many track policies in place. Cash is not accepted at concession stands for safety and anti-theft purposes. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas. All bags will be inspected prior to entry, and the track reserves the right to inspect or search people and items in the facility. Only one backpack or purse is permitted per person. All attendees provide consent to being filmed or photographed.

Security is available during certain times of the day only, typically during races or events. For other emergencies, 911 can and should be called at the venue. This includes when a personal injury takes place due to a racing event or a crowd emergency.

Prohibited Items

For safety purposes, there are a few items prohibited from entry. You may be removed from the venue for possessing these items, or even be subject to criminal charges depending on the item. These items include alcohol, laser lights or pointers, weapons, pets, projectiles, and more. The entire list can be found on the Speedway’s official website.

Tailgate Policies

Tailgating is allowed, but items must all fit in a vehicle at once. Vehicles can’t have extensions such as trailers. Fires are not allowed of any kind outside of grilling.

Driving Experiences

The speedway often offers driving experiences with professionals where attendees can drive vehicles directly on the track. According to one particular event, The Rusty Wallace Racing Experience, participants are responsible for health insurance and vehicle damage up to $1,000 but can purchase a protection plan for the vehicle. Payment for damages is due at the time of the incident. They claim that damages are rare due to training quality.

The Risks of Racing Events

There is a slight health and safety risk by attending racing events and activities. Vehicle crashes aren’t uncommon, and they can occur anywhere at any time. Projectiles or vehicles may even injure attendees in some cases. Vehicle crashes during driving experiences can cause injury as well. Crashes can even cause fires that spread rapidly. Attendees may fall in the stands due to inadequate signage warnings, or faulty equipment may cause injury at any time.

Personal Injury Cases

If you’ve been injured in an event at the Nashville Superspeedway, you may be wondering if you can pursue a lawsuit against the responsible parties. This answer depends on the event and the injury. Some sporting events such as car races may include a liability on the ticket. This usually means that the attendees agree to waive legal liability when purchasing a ticket. Additionally, there are rules in place regarding certain sporting events where it may be found that the attendees are assuming injury risk simply by attending. Therefore, it may prove your injury case is ineligible in these conditions.

However, no injury, case, or event is alike. It’s a good idea to seek out a free case evaluation with an attorney to see if damages from a car or motorcycle racing event can receive compensation. Injuries can include projectiles from racing vehicles in crashes, projectiles from other attendees, vehicle crash injuries during driving experiences, and more. Attorneys can also take a look at any liability waivers or legal disclaimers to inform you about case eligibility.


The Nashville Superspeedway is a popular racetrack for NASCAR, IndyCar, and driving experience events. They see thousands of attendees per event, but sometimes, health and safety can be put at risk in emergencies. Injuries at these types of events can be quite common, especially when safety policies are ignored. While many sporting event attendees assume the risk by buying a ticket, every case is different and an attorney can assist with case eligibility information.

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