When it comes to road trips with your children. How many of you have heard that immortal question multiple times during the journey, no matter what the destination?

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Games For Kids On Long Road Trips

“Are we there yet?”

Multiple generations of children have said it and multiple generations of parents have become frustrated by hearing the droning tone or scream at, what seems to be, five-second intervals. 

Therefore, how do you kill the long, expansive time, other than with the common car games of ‘I spy, of which, let’s admit, we’re all bored, and still keep them from stimulating themselves with back seat squabbles with siblings?

Well here are my six tips on how you can keep the kids occupied and free from boredom.

Stifle squabbling with secure seating and a snooze:

One stage of sibling squabbles you don’t want while in a vehicle for a long time is during that of the toddler times. 

At a stage where your children are testing their boundaries, make sure they can gaze at the scenery without creating an escape trick from their seating. 

This can be done with a Britax car seat, making sure your child is comfortable and perhaps, the boredom will be relieved by your kid(s) snoozing off in the back of the car. 

We drove a Toyota Tundra on long road trip to glacier national park. Good thing we had songs for road trip

Road Trips Movies:

While I can understand limiting screen time with young kids, setting up a movie on the iPad or, if you have the capacity in your car, on the screens in the back seat can be a good way to keep your kids occupied. 

Just make sure you have plenty of appropriate road trips movies for them and see that they can agree on what to watch. 

Song for Road Trip:

Listening to music on the radio or, as many do these days, via a playlist is a great way to keep the entire family entertained. I’m guilty of asking my sixteen-year-old to create a playlist of song for road trip.

I fully believe that it is great to get kids involved in various genres and eras from a young age. Just make sure that it’s family-friendly song for road trip..

Car goodie bags:

Depending on your children’s ages, pack a small goodie bag, each with things that will entertain them on the drive. These can be a great escape from screens and can convince them to make memories of the road trip. 

From disposable cameras and journals to document their experiences to seated activities such as crayons/pencils for coloring and art. 

These goodie bags can allow your kids to get involved in the road trip while keeping their minds active and free from mischief. It can help them clock the journey by opening the next activity to reach another town or state.

Stopped off route 66 to take a break from our road trip. Song for road Trip

Snacks and Rest Stops:

If there is anything to know about traveling, especially with kids, boredom leads to hunger. You will no doubt also encounter a much-needed toilet break. 

I know from many road trips to Adelaide with my Mum over my childhood to see her friends (and to experience South Australia in general) that rest and snack stops were a must. 

Healthy snacks of fruit were packed, along with cheese and the odd packet of sweet biscuits and chocolate. We just had to eat the fruit before crossing the state border. 

Rest stops are also a great time to use a camera and take a photo or two, especially if you drive through a town with a well-known monument.

Car games with a difference:

When you do find yourself resorting to the car games, make it a little different instead of the common “I spy” and punch buggy, which can lead to fights and crying if done too hard. 

From “Would you rather?” to basic alphabet games, there are many games that can keep everyone from the preschooler to the adult amused.


Hence, whether the feisty toddler to the moody teenager, there are my boredom busters like road trip movies or song for road trip for every kid’s age group. Good luck.