Is it your turn to host this month’s ‘get-together’ with the guys? If you’ve pulled the short straw and are unsure what kind of party to throw for the boys, a casino games night could be just the ticket. But if you are planning a games night for the lads, what steps can you take to ensure that the evening goes swimmingly?

Decide Which Casino Games to Play

The first step you’ll need to take when planning your casino evening is deciding which games you’ll provide on the night. Selecting game types for a casino evening can be a tricky business, especially if you’re planning to hire out potentially costly equipment. Keeping this in mind, which types of casino classics are best suited to a friendly games evening between friends?

  • Slots:While slot machines may not be ideal for hardcore casino enthusiasts, they are certainly a good choice for more casual gamers. The high-reward / low-skill nature of slots makes them the perfect option for beginners and those unfamiliar with more challenging casino games. Slots also make a great ice-breaker and could be useful if your guests do not already know each other. You can also make use of branded slot machines to complement the theme of the evening.
  • Poker:This iconic card game is an enduringly popular option for a casual casino evening. If you plan on hosting a poker game, ensure that all game rules and wager limits are clearly laid out before your guests start playing. Remember that poker can be a punishing game – this may impede the enjoyment of inexperienced players, so be selective with your guest list!
  • Roulette:Often billed as the ultimate game of chance, roulette is centered around pure luck. Guests of every experience level and skill set should be able to enjoy a spin of the roulette wheel, so don’t hesitate to incorporate this casino classic into your game’s evening.
  • Blackjack:Due to its fast-paced, highly interactive nature, blackjack could be a great choice for any games evening. Because players are encouraged to socialize and compete, blackjack could be employed as an effective ice-breaker to get your guests into the swing of things.

What is Your Group Preference: Online Casino Experience or Real-Time Interaction

Next, you’ll need to decide whether the event will be held in person or online. Considering the potentially headache-inducing logistics of arranging a physical get-together, a remote casino evening could be the most viable option. If you’re thinking of ‘going remote’ for your games evening, consider a selection of well-researched no deposit casinos where your group can play online for free or real money wagers. There are plenty of great platforms, such as no deposit casinos that can make your night a truly unique gaming experience. If you do decide to throw a game evening in person, decide where and when the event will occur in advance. Remember to give your guests plenty of notice with formal invitations, even if you only plan a casual evening with the boys.

Create a Theme & Custom Playlist

Once you’ve decided on the basics, it’s time to set the mood. The music you choose to play could make or break your game’s evening. Remember that you can directly affect the tone and atmosphere of your casino night with the songs you play. While it might be tempting to put together a playlist featuring famous songs about gambling, don’t limit yourself. Try to be creative and craft a playlist that works to strengthen the theme of your evening. For example, country and western tunes would work well with a cowboy saloon theme, whereas string-heavy show tunes from popular crooners could work best if you’re going down the ‘classic casino’ route. When it comes to choosing a theme, try to go with something that will appeal to your group of friends and that they’re likely to remember. Popular options here include the gangster theme, the 1920s theme and the cops n’ robbers theme. Don’t be afraid to go ‘all-out’ with the decor; even encourage your guests to dress up to reinforce your theme of choice.

Select Food and Snacks for Your Guests

If you’d like to provide an opulent experience and emulate the luxury of a classic land-based casino for your games evening, you’ll need to decide – what’s on the menu? Whether you decide to serve simple finger food, a range of tasty snacks, a slap-up sit-down meal or all of the above, it’s crucial that you plan ahead. Remember to consider your guests’ dietary requirements when planning the menu and ensure that everyone will be well catered for. This is key for reducing the risk of allergic reactions and helping your guests to feel special and welcome. Also, remember to include vegan and vegetarian options for the non-carnivores! Casino classics worth consideration here include steak, nachos, lobster and cheeseburgers, but don’t be afraid to break the mould. To create a truly memorable evening, try to craft a menu that compliments your chosen theme and game(s). If your budget allows, consider drafting in outside help from professional caterers – this will surely add a touch of pizzazz to the evening and enable you to spend less time in the kitchen and more time playing with your guests.

Brush Up on Your Bartending Skills!

As well as good food, it’s essential that your guests have easy access to quality beverages, including a range of both boozy and non-alcoholic drinks. Depending on the scale and budget of your event, you may decide to hire a private bartender or even a cocktail waitress to amp up the casino vibes. However, if you don’t have the budget to bring in professional help, preparing your own drinks could be easier than you think. Luckily, many of the most popular classic cocktails are easy to make at home, so it might be time to unearth that old mixer from the cupboard. Generally speaking, classic cocktails usually associated with the casino setting include Margaritas, Pina Coladas and Long Island Ice Teas. Try to match your drinks menu with the evening theme – for example, bourbon-based cocktails could be a good choice if you’re trying to emulate a ‘spit n’ sawdust’ saloon for a cowboy theme. Naturally, a classic ‘vesper martini’ (shaken, not stirred) could be the perfect choice of tipple if you’re going with the tried-and-tested James Bond theme. Most importantly, remember that too much alcohol can be bad news where gambling is involved, so try to serve (and drink) responsibly!

Check Tech and Rent the Necessary Equipment

Planning a games night could be the perfect excuse to upgrade your wifi router or switch your service provider, especially if you’ll be relying on a strong connection for playing casino games remotely as a group. Also, keep in mind that navigating the best no deposit bonuses could upgrade your overall casino experience since these will provide real-money gaming with absolutely no investing. But, if you are hosting the party in person, ensure you’ve tested out all of the items and tech you plan to employ on the big night. Don’t be afraid to replace damaged hardware ahead of time. Again, hiring relevant equipment from casino specialists is an easy way to reduce the likelihood of stress and interruption during your ‘guy’s night in’. This could include renting physical slot machines, roulette wheels or poker and blackjack tables, which are sure to impress your guests. The presence of real tables and game machines will also add authenticity and atmosphere to your party. Renting casino hardware could prove much more reliable than investing in your own (potentially expensive) items for the games night, which could break down and bring your evening to a grinding halt.

Have Fun and Make Your Guests Feel Welcome!

Last but not least, remember to have fun! Playing casino games with friends should be about interacting and having fun, never about testing your limits or taking financial risks. Emphasise that your evening will be focused on fun and responsible gambling rather than risk or reward. By taking all of the steps listed here, you should be able to have a ball and leave your guests in awe of your ability to throw a party! See you on the big night!