We had the chance to drive the 2021 All-Wheel Toyota Avalon recently. I am not sure it is the perfect family car for us. It has some really appealing qualities and features that make this a good car for driving around town.

All-Wheel Drive Toyota Avalon

Here is what I did like about the Avalon.

All-Wheel Drive

In 2021, the Avalon was debuted with an All-Wheel Drive (AWD) option for the first time in this Toyota model’s history. Dynamic Torque Control AWD is paired with a 2.5-liter Dynamic Force four-cylinder engine. This is also teamed with an eight-speed Direct-Shift automatic transmission. The 205 horsepower powertrain comes with dual exhausts.

Dynamic Torque Control AWD offers good traction for inclement weather and slick road surfaces while minimizing the typical AWD drag on fuel economy. The torque control system transfers up to 50 percent of engine torque to the rear wheels when the car accelerates from a start or slip is detected by the front wheels.

When AWD isn’t engaged, fuel economy is prioritized. When needed, the AWD is designed to re-engage in an instant. With the AWD engaged, the Avalon can really hug the road, giving you some peace of mind.

Smooth Ride and Sharp Handling

The 2021 Avalon features a multi-link rear suspension that helps the car to perform better with a lower center of gravity, a wider rear base, and an imposing stance.

The XSE package offers sport-tuned suspension. The Touring package features Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) that is an electronically controlled damping system. AVS increases your ability to control and handle the car for a smoother ride. The driver is able to adjust Avalon’s ride by choosing NORMAL or SPORT+ mode. NORMAL prioritizes comfort, while SPORT+ emphasizes tighter handling.

Sleek Look with Aerodynamics in Mind

The Avalon has a sleek look that is also a highly functional design. The rear spoiler, front lateral vents, and the substantial underbody panel all help to optimize the car’s aerodynamic efficiency. The 0.27 coefficient of drag translates into higher fuel efficiency and less noise from wind.

The XLE and Limited editions have dark gray front grilles with chrome borders. Both also feature silver-colored LED headlight bezels and body-color rearview mirror housings. Wheels range in size from 17 to 19 inches. The dual-exhaust tips are chrome.

The XSE and Touring editions are even sportier with black mesh grilles, gloss-black wheels. With black outer mirror housings, headlight bezels, trunk lid spoilers, and exterior badging.
The Appeal

The 2021 Avalon is a sportier version of prior year models. This luxury sedan is comfortable on the inside and sleekly designed on the exterior.

The all-wheel Toyota performs well in various weather conditions due to the aerodynamic design. The improved handling and stability, and all-wheel drive capability. Check the new Avalon out at Toyota.com.