Sporting a nice outfit not only makes you look good and feel good, but it also increases your self-esteem and even inspires other people you come across with. However, as finally become a dad, life happens, and your priorities shift and change.

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While you were very keen on looking dapper and fashionable when you were younger, this may no longer be your top prime concern now.   

The good news is men can dress better even as dads. Millions of stylish fathers are out there conquering the world, and you can do the same by applying some crucial pointers in fashion. After all, men who put more effort into the way they present themselves are known to live better and enjoy anything they do in life.   

Here are some dad fashion basics you need to own in your wardrobe:   


Accessories are necessary for men of all ages. These are the icing on the cake, making great signatures for well-dressed dads. It’s essential to own some belts, leather bags, and shoes to complete your elegant look. Also, accessories add more spice to your otherwise dull and plain outfit. They help you stand out and express your style.    

Here are some unique dad accessories that you should invest in now:

Metal Wallet  

Minimalism is definitely in these days, as people want to own only the most basic and important items in their closet. If you’re revamping your current wardrobe into a capsule one, you should include a metal wallet in your collection. Metal wallets are more protective than leather, carbon, or slim plastic wallets. Cards cannot be read due to the metal properties of this wallet. If you want to achieve a modern and edgy dad look, go for a metal wallet instead of the conventional one. 

Key Case Organizer  

Another must-own accessory you should have as a dad is a key case organizer. Chances are you need to carry a few keys daily. From car keys to house keys, they may look and feel cluttered if you don’t find a way to organize them. A good key case organizer is a smart move and adds style to your overall appearance. You can carry your keys in style by using key organizers. They’re compact, easy to assemble, and help you keep all your keys in one place, so you can avoid loss, theft, and other accidents.   


If you work in an air-conditioned office every day and don’t have uniforms or dress codes, it’s best to bring or wear a cardigan. They help you stay warm and add more flair to your overall style. There is nothing better for the occasion than a V-neck cardigan. You can shop for different colors and styles, but always ensure that the colors you choose are neutral and basic so they can easily be paired and matched with diverse bottoms and inner shirts.  

Cardigans make dads look handsome as ever. Not to mention, they exude a sense of elegance which makes you look expensive. You can wear them to work, weekend outings, date with your loved one, or any occasion that calls for it. Remember to get the best size and fit, so it can flatter your body form. Stay away from the overly loose or fitted cardigan, as they may adversely impact your look.   

Polo Shirts  

When you think of dad fashion, you probably automatically think of polo shirts. They’re indeed staple clothing. Nothing beats the purpose and elegance of wearing classic polo shirts. There are many ways to wear them, but the most common one is to tuck them into your bottoms neatly. You can wear denim, chinos, shorts, and other pants with these. They’re very diverse, so they’re fit for any occasion.  

This classic dad wardrobe staple comes in various standard colors, so they can coordinate it with whatever bottoms you choose. Go for polo shirts that come with soft and comfortable fabrics so you can move freely all day long. You won’t ever go wrong in investing in neutral tones, but it’s also great to experiment with patterns and designs once in a while. Any casual business look requires a polo shirt, so it’s perfect for your business meetings and events.  

Neutral-Colored Blazers  

Another staple item every dad must own is a neutral-color, sturdy material blazer. They’re very easy to pull off and can be combined with any inner top. They’re fit for any formal, informal, or casual events you attend. Whether you’re invited to a wedding, birthday, or business party, wearing this blazer can make you instantly look well-put-together and neat. 


Finally, don’t overlook the importance of bottoms. While people normally emphasize the upper half of the body, the lower ones also contribute greatly to your overall appearance. Invest in chinos and make your outfits look relevant, clean, and crisp. 

You’ll be surprised at how basic chinos can transform simple outfits into elegant and handsome ones. The key is finding the best-fitted chino to complement your legs and lower body muscles. Go for chinos that don’t have a fitted waist; they should have enough room for you to move and relax while wearing them.   


Looking great as a dad is definitely possible when you know what to add to your wardrobe. Your wardrobe shouldn’t be viewed as separates – see it as a whole to create a new look.

Personal styles are malleable, and it’s up to you to make outfits work together. Considering the basic essentials above, you’ll be on your way to dress better and to improve your style this year

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