Door styles are often overlooked when redesigning a home. Whether you have just bought a new home and you want to give it a personal touch or you are redecorating your home from scratch, some aspects gain more attention than others.

Beautiful red door in a white house facade in notting hill

Door Styles When Designing Your Home

It is perfectly normal though. You pay a lot of attention to the walls and paint them. You change the lighting fixtures and adapt the furniture – perhaps change its position too. It looks like most of the job is done – after all, you have changed a lot.

But then, small things are sometimes overlooked and may look dull – such as your doors. Doors are left behind – if they are lucky, they might get a new layer of paint, but this is it. This is a common issue with DIY decorators.

Changing doors could give your room a massive change – plus, the right doors are also meant to blend into the décor and give it more unity. For instance, you can get walnut doors in classic brown for a more traditional look, but you can also have them painted to match your new walls.

All in all, here are some compelling styles to consider when designing your home.

Old school, yet modern barn doors

Barn doors are a bit difficult to explain – indeed, they were used for barns only and mostly as external doors. However, they are now widely implemented in interior design – the colors can make the difference between a modern and vintage door.

Barn doors add style and charm to your home – they gain popularity, but you are less likely to see them everywhere. This element simply makes things a bit different, but in a modern way. Doors go on a track that is located above the door – they basically hang.

If you have a modern house, opt for white doors and black tracks or the other way around – ideally, the track should match the color of your walls.

French doors to the outside

French doors are good looking and appealing, but they are also used to provide access to the outside – most commonly, yet you can also use them between two rooms. They are normally based on windows, so they allow lots of light inside the house.

French doors are not just beautiful, but also practical. It will most likely offer access to the patio – given the high amounts of glass, they do not make such a secure option for front doors. Instead, they are mostly used at the back.

Believe it or not, some of these doors are so wide that they can take up a whole wall, so they require careful installation. They will, however, make your room look way larger.

Pocket doors for style and versatility

Pocket doors are common in tight spaces – they work like sliding doors, but they slide inside walls. They are great if space is limited, as they do not require an opening on a side. In terms of design, they may look like they come from the 18th century, or they may look ultra-modern.

Sometimes, the style you wish to achieve depends on nothing but the actual colors. For example, double pocket doors going both sides in a brown design with some patterns on them may look vintage and old school. On the other hand, a plain white or black pocket door can look super modern if it matches walls.

Installing such doors requires more work – as well as plenty of preparation. Pocket doors are often used for closets, but they are just as handy for bedrooms or perhaps your whole home.

Colonial doors to draw some attention

Colonial doors are all about attention and extravagance. They are excellent for those who like ornate doors. They are designed with decorative purposes, but they are also quite useful. Normally, they are used for the exterior, but this is not a general rule – in fact, you can use them anywhere.

Most people avoid colonial doors for bedrooms because they usually come with small windows, so there is not too much privacy – the same goes for bathrooms or toilets. However, they can be used for living rooms or other special rooms in the house.

Such doors normally come with prominent panels, so the glass allows you to see a bit inside. Tinted, colored, or frosted glass is often preferred to ensure more privacy, though.

Craftsman doors for visuals

Craftsman doors are not expensive, but can be quite basic – however, they are great if you want a unique visual style. Such doors come with different panels – some of them horizontal, while others vertical. You can also find a mix of everything.

Sure, they can ruin the symmetry, but they actually look great once installed. They can be modern or vintage. Keep them brown, and they will look a bit old school. Come up with some modern mixes of black, gray, and white and you have modern good looking doors – make sure they match the rooms too.

Sometimes, these doors also come with small glass panels. There are times when all the panels are based on glass. To ensure some privacy, opt for tinted or frosted glass. If it is your kid’s room, you might as well opt for different bright colors.


As a short final conclusion, there are more styles and ideas out there, but these ones tend to stand out. They can complement both traditional and ultra-modern homes and it mostly depends on the colors and designs you choose.

The good news is they come in all kinds of materials and styles, so there is something for everyone out there. Keep in mind that while doors can make a difference, the truth is they need to match the overall décor – whatever is both behind and in front of the door.

Finally, you should know that sometimes, repainting your current doors is all you have to do to ensure a good final result. If your doors are in great condition and the style matches the décor, some new paint will probably do.

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