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Being the father of 4 girls, you can imagine that things in our home can be a little… exuberant. Girls are passionate about things they care about and, at least my four, have no problem letting others know how they feel.

I can’t say much about it though, they are just like their mom and I am glad to know it. Having been with her for over half of my life, I’ve seen that high-spirited personality works for her repeatedly. And, with just the younger three girls left at home now, I think we’re coming into some real fun times ahead. They are all pretty close in age and we’re right in the middle of that tween/teen age with the three of them!

Fortunately when we built our new home, we were able to get the oldest a bathroom of her own, but that still leaves two sharing a bathroom. Remember, they all have to clean their faces, brush their teeth, fix their hair, play around with make-up. The bathroom is a busy place and they each have their own unique styles.

Yet, the one thing we found at least Jaci and Jaden (12 and 14) have in common is an obsession with making sure they stay acne-free. What teen facing a new school year wouldn’t want that?

As their (perhaps over-protective) dad, I want them to not have to worry about their changing skin when they already have enough to handle at this age. Staci and I both used Clean & Clear® products as teenagers and wanted to ensure our girls use products we already know and trust will work. Fortunately, Walmart has all the skin care solutions we need to help our girls prep for school.

Some of Jaci’s favorites are Clean & Clear’s Acne Triple Clear Bubble Foam Cleanser—which fights acne in 3 way—and s Oil Absorbing Sheets, which helps her to put their best face forward by keeping oily skin at bay.Jaden’s favorite Clean & Clear product is the Morning Burst® Facial Cleanser. She enjoys the bursting beads, Vitamin C and Ginseng, as well as the invigorating citrus fragrance to help wake her up. She isn’t much of a morning person and the combination of it all really seems to perk her up and get her ready to face the day. Not to mention, she says it makes her face feel fresh and awake as she starts her studies.

Here are some Teen Skin Care Tips

  • Start a skincare routine once a child exhibits increased oil on the face or acne.
  • Salicylic Acid, used in Clean & Clear’s Acne Triple Clear Bubble Foam Cleanser, penetrates oil glands and decreases production, making it great for whiteheads and reducing the appearance of clogged pores. Teen Skin Care Tips, Sharing Back to School Teen Skin Care Tips with My Growing Girls, Days of a Domestic Dad
  • Benzoyl Peroxide, found in Clean & Clear’s Persa-Gel 10, is best for inflammatory acne.
  • Avoid touching the face and never pick at it.

What skin care tips do you share with your teens to get them prepped for back to school?

I’m giving away three $10 gift cards to Walmart to grab your favorite Clean & Clear® products. Comment below with your back to school skincare tips for your teens for a chance to win!