The SUPERUNCLE video baby monitor is smart, intimate, and caring. It brings 24-hour safety for your baby and you can keep an eye or ear on her while you are away from home.


This monitor can bring you peace of mind and afford you a little more time to rest or get some chores done. For further monitor informations you can visit Monitor Beast.

This monitor is also great for keeping an eye on a parent or other loved one you are caring for. Some of the features that make the SUPERUNCLE stand out from other monitors include:

Real-time HD Video and Clear Audio

The 1920/1080 resolution camera with infrared night vision detects voices and captures every moment of your baby. It delivers clear video and audio. You can see and hear everything via the 5-inch screen or your phone.

Strong Transmission & SD Card Storage

This monitor offers a stable and wide transmission range of up to 1000 feet in barrier-free areas. There is a FAT32 SD card that can store a maximum of 128G. You are able to make memorable videos and take screenshots.

AES128 Upgraded Security Protection

AES128 encryption and 2.4 GHz FHSS wireless transmission technology are built-in for additional layers of security. You can always check browsing records and control the external network connection.

Multiple Caring Functions

There is TLC built into this baby monitor. The SUPERUNCLE is a great assistant that detects motion, senses crying, and monitors temperature and humidity. It will also give you a feeding reminder and play soothing music to lull your baby to sleep.


The SUPERUNCLE Baby Monitor is the best assistant a new mother or a caregiver could ask for. It keeps tabs on your little one or other loved one and lets you know what is going on 24/7 with a clear picture and exceptional audio.

It monitors the environment, alerts you when something has shifted and gives you reminders so you can keep to a schedule.

This monitor is your ears and eyes when you can’t always be in the same space. Visit the website to get a closer look.