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It’s time for an update and recap of my experience with the Omron 90 Day Challenge for a Better me #GoingForZero. The challenge is intended to help anyone gain control of their cardiovascular health, especially blood pressure. The results so far have been impressive, and I intend to continue with my lifestyle changes.

90 Day Challenge For a Better Me #GoingForZero #Omron

Omron 90 Day Challenge for a Better Me

It started with dietary changes. I embarked on the Whole30 diet. This is a 30-day eating plan that centers on lean protein, healthy fats, fresh fruits and vegetables, and nuts. I basically eliminated processed foods and those that are high in carbohydrates and sugar. This included various flours, grains, pasta, beans, processed meats, and dairy. I was able to drop a few pounds and gain more energy while eating this way.

90 Day Challenge For a Better Me #GoingForZero #Omron

After finishing the Whole30, I transitioned into a Paleolithic way of eating. The Paleo Diet goes a bit farther in that you eliminate all grains, starchy vegetables, and some fruits. You are encouraged to load up your plate with mostly vegetables. The bulk of our meal plans are centered on vegetables, lean protein, and acceptable fruits. I continue to lose weight and feel less sluggish. I have also lost some of my sweet tooth.

In order to really make this challenge work I set a goal to do a 5K race and started walking and jogging around our neighborhood. I had gotten up to 3 miles every other day and continue to improve on that. It is well documented that exercise is necessary for supplying our muscles and organs with oxygen. The heart especially needs oxygen for it to function efficiently and beat at regular intervals.

90 Day Challenge For a Better Me #GoingForZero #Omron

As part of the challenge I kept tabs on my blood pressure and heart rate by using an Omron BP monitor to take readings daily. I was able to interface with the Omron Connect App via Bluetooth technology to track and store my data so I could share the information with my doctor. Since hypertension is one of the leading causes of strokes and heart attacks, I will continue using my Omron BP monitor to check my blood pressure regularly.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, stress is one of the worst things for high blood pressure. Raising an active family, and all of the responsibility that brings with it, can be stressful at times. It is also quite joyful. I make sure I take the time to relax and enjoy some quality family time. Most importantly, I remember to laugh as much as possible with my wife, our kids, and our pup. And, I try to get a good night’s sleep. I am now more mindful of when I feel stressed and can keep it in check.

90 Day Challenge For a Better Me #GoingForZero #Omron

I plan on continuing with the positive lifestyle changes I have made while doing the Omron 90 Day Challenge for a Better Me. I also will continue to check and keep track of my blood pressure regularly with my Omron BP monitor and Omron Connect App. Omron Healthcare, Inc. is the global leader in personal heart health and wellness technology. Omron is on a mission to eliminate strokes and heart disease attacks with its Going for Zero campaign.

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