What do you think can made from a tree stump? The most obvious things that come to mind are tables and seats. I think some seats made from logs would be perfect for a rustic backyard and pretty easy to make too.


DIY Log Projects

I’ve been looking at DIY log projects lately and I was surprised to find a few more interesting things made from plain tree stumps. Did it ever cross your mind you can make cake stands from a log?

As a matter of fact, there are so many DIY log projects out there you’ll be amazed how versatile this natural piece of wood can be. Check out some of my favorites and let me know which ones you like most!

  1. Stump Table from redheadcandecorate.com
  2. Paint Dipped Log Candle Holders from designdininganddiapers.com
  3. How To Make A Tree Stump Table from theartofdoingstuff.com
  4. DIY Tree Stump Centerpiece from lizmarieblog.com
  5. DIY Tree Stump Side Table from helloyellowblog.ca
  6. DIY Tree Stump Vase from jessthetics.com
  7. DIY Log Lounger from homemade-modern.com
  8. DIY Stump Table from 17apart.com
  9. DIY Tree Stump Cake Stands from nalleshouse.com
  10. DIY Birch Vase from julieblanner.com
  11. Indian-style Stump Table from irishmanacres.blogspot.com
  12. DIY Painted Stump Calendar Holder from shrimpsaladcircus.com
  13. Tree Stump Coffee Table from thriftyandchic.com
  14. DIY Ombre Stump Side Tables from sugarandcloth.com
  15. Painted Tree Stump from thesmoothielover.com
  16. Natural Tree Stump Side Table from stylingmyeveryday.com
  17. DIY Tree Stump Table from helpfulhomemade.com
  18. Live Edge Tree Slice Side Table from diyfurniturestudio.com
  19. DIY Wood Slice Cutting Boards from magnoliamarket.com
  20. DIY Tree Stump Side Tables from abeautifulmess.com