Swimming in the pool is a great way to cool off in the summer, but it’s important to make sure your pool is safe for your kids before they take a dip.

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Making Your Pool Safe

Here are a few simple tips for making your pool safe for your little ones.

Embrace and Install Pool Safety Technology

Nowadays, we rely on technology for various things, and it is not wrong to have technology enhance the safety of your kids in the pool.

That said, consider installing gates and alarms as an additional layer of safety. Self-closing and self-latching gates are some of the latest pool equipment you can install and make sure to place them high enough off the ground so that children can’t climb over them.

Installing pool alarms on the edge of the pool or around its perimeter helps augment your guarding and monitoring capacity in the pool with your kids. It will let you know that someone enters or leaves the water through its alarm sound.

Make Sure to Install a Sturdy Fence

Setting up a fence around your pool is a must, especially if you have young children in the house. Without a fence, it’s too easy for little ones to wander up to the pool unnoticed during busy times of day. Hiring a fencing contractor in Adelaide is highly recommended to ensure your pool fences are installed properly.

The fence should be at least four feet tall and should not have items that make it easy to scale, such as open lattice work or pickets sticking out from the bottom of the fence. Also, make sure that the bottom of the fence is far enough underground that kids can’t reach over or dig under it.

Also, be aware that a fence is not enough. Take extra precautions such as locking the gate and removing all toys from around the pool, as kids could use them to climb over the fence.

Ensure Pool Cleanliness

Pool safety is not just about preventing accidents. It is also about keeping the water in your pool clean and free of debris.

A clean pool is a healthy pool, and it will be less likely to cause accidents or injuries. Make sure to clean the pool regularly and remove any debris or obstruction that may cause falls or other accidents.

Schedule a regular skimming of the pool water with a net, and vacuum and brush the bottom of the pool at least once a week. Also check your pool’s owner’s manual for specific instructions and treatment schedules regarding chlorine or other sanitizers.

Be Fully Engaged in Pool Safety

It is important to keep your focus and attention on the kids swimming and playing around the pool. Always be aware of your surroundings if you have a pool in your backyard.

Make sure there are no toys or other objects lying around that could tempt a child to enter the pool area unsupervised. Seeing your children doing fine in the pool is no reason to be complacent and take your attention away from them.

Always keep an eye on them, and never leave them alone near the pool, because unexpected things can happen even if they’re just sitting on the edge of the water. 

Also, be proactive and take a look around and see if you can spot any places where they might be able to fit through or get through without too much trouble. Whether your pool at home is an above-ground or inground one, make sure there aren’t any unsecured ladders leading into the water.

Teach and remind your children not go near the edge of the pool without you or a responsible adult accompanying them.

Create an In-Ground Pool Safety Plan

Before you ever even think about allowing anyone near your pool, you need to create a safety plan for it. Make your children take an active part in the planning by talking to them about what to do if they see someone at the pool that shouldn’t be there.

Have them call you or another adult on speed dial, then go outside and yell for help. Also make sure that adults are aware of this plan, so everyone is on the same page in case it is needed.

By taking these simple steps, you can ensure that the pool is a safe place for your kids to play. These tips can give you peace of mind and let you enjoy your time together with your children in the pool.

If you follow all of them, it’s unlikely that anything will go wrong around the pool, but if it does, make sure to stay calm and act quickly to resolve the situation.