Are you sick of your home? Is the space no longer serving you the way it once did? Or maybe you’re renovating in preparation to sell your home. No matter what your reasons are for renovating, it can be a draining process. 

Inspiring Remodeling Ideas, 8 Inspiring Remodeling Ideas For Your Home, Days of a Domestic Dad

Inspiring Remodeling Ideas

If you’re getting frustrated trying to come up with original ideas check out one of these 8 home remodeling ideas to inspire you. After all, no one wants to dread a big and expensive project like a home remodel.


1.Granite Countertops Bring a Sense of Grandeur

While some styles and trends fade, granite countertops will always add a sense of grandeur to your home. Just remember to properly care for your granite countertops so they last for years down the line. They’re quite the investment piece for your home and not something you want to replace often. In fact, granite countertops should last you 20-30 years if you care for them well.

2. Turn Your Lonely Kitchen Island into a Seated Bar

Inspiring Remodeling Ideas, 8 Inspiring Remodeling Ideas For Your Home, Days of a Domestic Dad

Kitchen islands used to be all the rage 10 years ago. They were considered a must-have item for meal prep and hosting big holiday meal spreads. However, they’ve become kind of isolating and lonely when you’re hosting. If you’re sick of your kitchen island, a quick and easy renovation idea is to turn it into a seated bar.

This option is great for entertaining while you cook or for Sunday morning family breakfasts. You can easily serve pancakes and hashbrowns to your sleepy kiddos or chat up your guests over wine while you put the finishing touches on a delicious dinner. Easily add a lip and stylish bar stools to transform your space

Living Room 

3. Replace Your Ugly Old Fireplace with an Electric One

Inspiring Remodeling Ideas, 8 Inspiring Remodeling Ideas For Your Home, Days of a Domestic Dad

Once upon a time, traditional wood-burning fireplaces used to hold a lot of charm. For a while, they had a rustic vibe about them, and then they became outdated and nonfunctional for a majority of homes. Most people aren’t chopping firewood, have the time to clean out the soot and ashes, nor wait for the flames to go out. 

Make your life easier and your home more functional by upgrading to an electric fireplace. Not only will you add a great source of heat, but you’ll be restoring some former charm to your home, while also upping the cozy factor.

Our friends over at Modern Blaze have all the top rated electric fireplaces.


4. Turn It Into a Home Theater 

For a space that will bring your family together, adding a home theater to your basement is a great investment. While it may seem pricey, you could cut down on costs by using a projector instead of a wide-screen TV. 

Add rows of recliner cushy recliner chairs and you’ll never want to go to the regular movie theater again. Not only will it spice up your regular movie nights, but it’ll also help you make the most of all those streaming services, too.

Before you consider transforming your basement into a home theater, be sure to check your crawlspace first. A damp or moldy crawlspace can cause major problems for your home and health. Luckily, professional crawlspace services at can help ensure your basement remains dry and mold-free. Once you have a safe and healthy space, you can enjoy your home theater without any worries.

5. Snuggle Up in a New Reading Nook 

A reading nook is a great way to add a little coziness to your home. It will also provide you with a quiet and comfy space to read while the rest of the family watches tv or a movie. It’ll also add an entirely new feel to your living room. 

There are so many options as to where you can place a reading nook, making it an amazing addition. Place it under the stairs for an out-of-the-way, secret feel, or next to a big open window to capture natural reading light and contemplate characters and plots. 

Something a lot of people miss out on when they install a reading nook is the opportunity to add extra storage as well. In the space underneath, you could add drawers for blanket storage or toy storage for your kiddos. Alternatively, add some short shelving to store your books, making it a teeny tiny library. 


6. Keep Your Toes Toasty with Heated Floors 

While it may seem a bit strange to add heated floors to your bathroom when warm weather has just arrived, now is actually the perfect time to start planning for the cold months ahead. If you’ve ever had to pad across the bathroom floor in the winter in the middle of the night, or struggled to get out of bed in the morning because of the chill, then heated floors could change your life. This way you can keep your gorgeous floor tiles and have true comfort, no matter what time of year it is. Beauty is not pain, at least not this time, anyway.

7. For a Touch of Class Add a Free-Standing Tub

Inspiring Remodeling Ideas, 8 Inspiring Remodeling Ideas For Your Home, Days of a Domestic Dad

If you’re someone who loves a good soak in the tub, it may be time to invest in a free-standing tub. While your shower and tub combination is functional and saves space, is it actually that comfortable? They certainly aren’t very appealing to look at. 

So, why not up your pampering game and style with a free-standing tub? Finally being able to fully immerse yourself and lounge comfortably will have you feeling like a queen. The free-standing tub itself will have everyone else thinking you’re a queen.

8. Get Glamorous with a Bar 

An unfinished basement tends to be wasted space. If you’ve been craving a space to entertain away from your kids, a basement bar may be the perfect solution. Don’t stop at installing a home bar, have seated areas comfortable for talking with your guests. You could also make it a bar and gaming room with darts, a pool table, and even a video game station for additional entertainment. 

The Houses Beautiful Parimeter:The Fence

Improving the inside of your house is essential, but don’t forget to start looking at the outside too! One thing that can improve the whole look and feel of the house outside and in, is installing a vinyl fence. This fence provides both privacy and can enhance how you see the house from the outside and through the windows!

Bring New Life into Your Home 

Inspiring Remodeling Ideas, 8 Inspiring Remodeling Ideas For Your Home, Days of a Domestic Dad

Don’t underestimate the power of a home remodeling project. While it can be time-consuming, a mess, and a few headaches, it’ll be worth it in the end. Remodeling brings life into your home, making it feel like new. In the end, it’s much less time, energy, and money than selling your current home and buying a new one. 

So whether you’re out of ideas or on the fence about renovating, hopefully, these 8 remodeling ideas for your home will inspire you.