Individuals that want to stop smoking are usually opting for a better lifestyle. Cigarettes have been around since the early 19th century, so there has been plenty of time for myths to simmer.

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You Want to Quit Smoking

By sticking to the facts, a cigarette addiction is more than beatable.

1. Nicotine Causes Cancer

This is probably the most notable myth associated with smoking that you’ll find on braceyourhealth. Nicotine is the addictive substance, but it is carbon monoxide and tar that causes the actual cancer. These extra chemicals are troublesome, but unfortunately, make up an important part of the cigarette. Nicotine itself still isn’t dangerous, but it is misinformation that led to the public thinking it was the root cause of cancer. If you like the idea of smoking, then a simple avoidance of nicotine isn’t the complete answer to stop the habit.

2. Vaping Is as Harmful as Cigarettes

And that same misinformation campaign bled over into vaping, which also uses nicotine. The big difference here is that those same cancer-causing chemicals in cigarettes are found in less quantity with vaping. You can’t swap one smoking habit for another and expect to escape the dangers of cancer. There is still an addiction here, the only difference is that it is in a smaller dose. In some situations, cigarette users that switched to vaping supplies have faced completely different health anomalies.

3. Treatment Is Expensive

You don’t need to go cold turkey to stop smoking addiction. Easing into any treatment is expected, and much healthier on your body. The myth that treatment is expensive actually started with a few Hollywood movies about drug addiction. The way addiction is handled in movies is a lot different than real life. The average person will save money during treatment as they slow down their daily smoking habits. As you dive deeper into treatment, the costs will continue to go down.

4. Nicotine Replacement Products Are Addictive

You won’t become dependent on nicotine replacement products. It is more likely that you won’t use the product enough for it to become effective. Think of nicotine replacement products as a placeholder for the actual harmful ingredient. You are meant to wean yourself off of actual nicotine over the course of several weeks. Long-term use of nicotine replacement after curing addiction isn’t advised, but it is still much healthier than smoking.

5. Treatments Don’t Work

Whenever you hear about smoking treatments, they are usually complaints. This has nothing to do with them not working – in fact, the more a user complains, the more likely it is that the treatments are working. Some of the most notable methods to stop smoking begin working immediately after applied. But no matter how strong the treatment is, it is still up to the user to fully see it through.

Start Now

If you want to stop smoking, there is no time better than now. Overcoming a cigarette addiction takes work, and it all starts by taking the first few steps. It won’t be easy, but the outcome will be worth the trouble.