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We took a huge road trip in our Kia Sedona that was a lot of fun for the family. We spent 83 hours in the car and drove over 4500 miles with our three girls, and this is how we planned and packed the car. We had to make sure that the van was going to be packed with room to spare, and then we had to make sure that we would be comfortable when we got into the van.

Kia Sedona Oregon Cabin

Kia Sedona is My Road Trip Vehicle

We started by getting the Kia Sedona in the first place because we can watch DVDs in the van, and it has plenty of room. The climate control system in the car was really easy to use, and we were comfortable the whole time we were in the car. It was very nice for us, and it meant that we could enjoy the trip more. Packing the car and using the space the right way was only going to work for us if we had the Sedona and packed right.

We used all the space in the van and the roof rack so that we would have more room in the van, and we have been trying to make sure that we would have more room for the souvenirs that we would buy while we were out of town. The problem for us was knowing that eventually we would get pinned in with the stuff that we bought, and we had more room in the Sedona.

Kia Sedona Oregon

We Had Plenty of Room – Kia Sedona

The Sedona was great because we had room under all the seats, room in the back and room on the top of the van. The packing that we did included every person in the family having their own bag that was packed near their seat, and then it included everyone in the family having some room around them to keep the things that they had bought or were using on the trip. We had that room because there is more than enough room for all the people in our family because the van seats seven.

Road Trip as a Family Kia Sedona

All the girls have their own space, and they also have a place that is going to help them make sure that they can stretch out when we are driving and they want to take a nap. We got a lot of help from the Kia Sedona because it has more room for everyone, and it is still comfortable because it has the strong climate control system.

Sedona SX Limited

Inside the Kia Sedona

The stereo and the DVD system in the Kia Sedona has been nice for us because it will keep everyone entertained, and it shows us that we do not have to be bored in the car as we drive. With 83 hours in the car we really need to make sure that we are going to have a chance to make watch all the things we wanted to watch and hear all the things we wanted to hear. My wife and I watched our own movies when the girls were asleep, and the girls watched their movies while they were awake.

The last thing that we love about this van is the ride. It is very smooth. We are all comfortable on the ride, and we do not have everyone waking up and spilling their drinks when we drive over hard spots on the road. We have been on all kinds of roads on this trip, and with that many miles we needed a ride that was actually going to work for us. This made it easy for me to drive, and it was not tiring me out all the time. That made it easier to take a long trip, and it meant that we could plan the trip we actually wanted to take instead of cutting it short.

Kia Sedona Road Trip

The trip that we took in the Kia Sedona has been a lot of fun, and we were able to pack it with the extra space that we needed. We had our five person family in the Kia Sedona for all that time, and we loved it. You can pack your family into the van, too, and you will be able to have just as much fun as we had on our trip.