When undergoing a house remodeling project, it’s important to have a plan in place for what you’ll do with the excess stuff. If you leave it lying around it’ll only make your home or garden look untidy – and it’ll become a safety hazard.

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How To Properly Store Excess Stuff

Plus, anything left outside could be ruined by the elements.

In this article, we’ll provide some helpful tips for properly storing your extra belongings once the remodeling has been completed.

Get It Offsite

If you have too many possessions and too little space, it may be worth keeping it at an alternative location. If you choose an offsite storage company, make sure you properly research them (including their online reviews) before making any decisions. Some companies will come and collect your things for you, which is ideal if you can’t fit them in your car.

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Make Space For It

Decluttering is a great way to clear some room for the things you really need. Get rid of anything that’s broken, that no longer serves a purpose or that isn’t being used. Take the rubbish to the local landfill, but be sure to visit your recycling centre first. If necessary, hire a skip to remove large items and discarded building materials. If you have things that are still in good condition but that you don’t need, consider donating them to friends or a local charity. Many charities are prepared to collect larger items such as furniture.

You could try selling some of your unwanted stuff at a local boot fair. Alternatively, eBay is a great way to make some extra money and clear out some space at the same time. If you have sentimental items that you can’t part with but don’t necessarily need to display, consider storing them in a storage unit or box in the attic.

Use Your Garage

If you have a garage, this is the perfect place to store your extra stuff – but be sure to invest in some good shelving. This will help you keep everything organized and easy to find when you need it. You can also buy some plastic containers to store smaller items in. Label everything so you know where it is and what it is. This will save you a lot of time and frustration in the future.

Another tip is to install some overhead storage, and it’s the perfect option if you have limited space in your garage. You can either buy some overhead storage racks or build your own. One last tip is to use different types of hooks and hangers to keep things on your walls (e.g. tools).

Install A Shed

Sheds come in handy for storing all kinds of things, from lawnmowers to gardening tools and holiday decorations. They can be built from scratch or you can buy a shed kit. If you’re handy and have the time, building a shed yourself will probably save you money. Alternatively consider getting a company to install one on your property. 

When it comes to shedding size, think about what you’ll be using it for. If you just need a place to store your lawnmower and some gardening tools, a small one will do. If you’re planning on using it as a workshop/hobby room or for other storage needs, get something larger so you will have plenty of space to move around. Make sure the shed is level so your doors will open and close properly, and consider how you’ll have access to electricity (e.g. through an electrician or using extension leads).

Organize It

As we said before, you should label each container with its contents – plus the room in which it’ll go. Once you have everything organized and grouped together, you can start to put things away. If you take the time to do this right, it will make the whole process much easier and faster. It’ll also make it easier to find your inventory later on.

We’ve now discussed a wide range of different ways you can store your excess stuff. When the house remodeling is complete, you’ll know what to do and where to keep everything. In turn, you can enjoy having more space in your newly-improved home, and your house will feel much more functional as a result.

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