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Ladies, when you think about getting away from the spouse, wild children and smelly dogs the last place you think of is probably running out to the shed that typically holds Christmas decorations and old boxed baby clothes. But here is the thing, get creative with storage, donate some unneeded clutter and make that shed your own! If I wasn’t currently living in an apartment there would be no doubt that a She Shed would be on the top of my MUST HAVE list.


Best Buy gives us ladies some creative tech ideas on how to make the most of our valuable “She” space. One idea that I would not skip out on is to be able to set the mood with your phone! The right lighting can make your space go from dark damp shed to bright cozy escape.

She Shed GIF 2 Large

When wanting maximum flexibility in your She Shed, Best Buy leads with Philips hue. Here is why:

  • Phillips hue has 16 million different colors, including presets like “Reading,” “Relax” and “Energize.”

Belkin WEMO

  • Everything is customizable and controllable via your phone. Best Buy used hue bulbs in the lamps and portable hue GO lights on the shelves.
  • If you want phone-control for an optional chandelier, Best Buy advises using a Belkin WeMo switch instead, since chandeliers normally have standard light bulbs. The switch lets you turn things on and off right from the WeMo app.