A double story extension is a great way to add more value to your home. Not only does it increase the overall size of your property, but it can also be more cost-effective than a single-storey extension.

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In this quick guide, we will discuss the main benefits of double storey extensions and what we think homeowners should consider when planning one. We’ve also provided some interesting statistics around the value that a double story extension adds to a property, which we found particularly interesting!

A Few Ideas for Multiple Level Extensions:

When doing a search for “double storey extension” the results can be quite confusing – that’s because there are so many types and ways to make them unique. The more popular uses of a double storey extension tend to be for creating space for things like a:

– Study or office space

– Home gym

– Entertainment / games room

– Spacious kitchen

– Playroom for the kids

Need inspiration?

We’d highly recommend running a search on Pinterest. Whilst there are some overly done ideas found on here, there sure are some cool projects that will be inspiring to just about anyone.

The Benefits of Choosing a Double Story Extension

– Double storey extensions of course offer double the space whilst requiring only the ground space of a single-storey extension, making them ideal for properties with limited outdoor space. For saving space, the best way to build is up!

– Double extensions are also more cost-effective than single-storey extensions of the same size, as you get twice the space on the same foundations (and load bearing walls). Expanding out two levels at once is also way more cost efficient in the long run for pretty much everything, such as: hired labour, consultancy, designing and for materials.

– Compared to single storey extensions, doubles tend to provide a lot more light and ventilation due to higher ceilings being available. Make sure to consider this at the design phase.

– They help to reduce energy costs, as they provide improved insulation and airtightness compared to single-storey extensions, allowing air to flow throughout multiple levels.

– Double storey extensions are an awesome way to provide more space for your family, giving you a place to relax or move hobby related furniture and equipment out of the way. Not only do you get new rooms to use, but you free up existing ones of annoying junk too!

– They also provide home owners with the added benefit of having a more extensive garden or outdoor area, without having to impede onto it quite as much.

– Double storey extensions can of course be constructed with various materials, such as timber frames, brick or stone cladding, glass or steel. Making them very versatile and customisable to suit any type of home aesthetic.

Long story short, double storey extensions just offer homeowners great flexibility when designing an expansive dream space. There are so many benefits!

Cost Considerations When Planning A Double-Story Extension

Costs will vary from company to company – but generally the area and size will be the most influencing factors when planning a double storey extension. Keep this list of factors that affect the total cost handy:

– The size and scope of the project.

– The quality of materials used.

– Any special features or design requirements like skylights or additional windows.

– The type of insulation used.

– The cost of labour.

– The cost of any necessary planning or building permits.

– The location.

– Accessibility requirements (railings, ramps, lifts).

Be sure to really consider your budget when planning a double storey extension, as this can quickly add up if you are not careful. We recommend working closely with an experienced home construction company before you get started. (and make sure they have a visible track record too!)

We don’t claim to be experts on pricing up extensions as there are endless variables to consider, due to this it can be easy to get ripped off if you don’t know what to look out for. If you are in doubt, we’d suggest going with a construction company that publishes default costs for services on their website – Like houseUP, who have detailed some price brackets in their own guide (based in London UK). This way you know it’s going to be a fair price to start off with.

Adding Value With a Double-Story Extension

Depending on the location and condition of the property, double extensions can add anywhere from 10-20% extra value to a property, which is quite the jump for one project.

In addition to the financial benefits, they also make properties more attractive and desirable, making them easier to sell should you decide to move on in the future. Something you don’t think you’ll need right now, but trust us – your future self will thank you for this.

Generally, double-storey extensions are an excellent way to add value to a property. According to Compare my move, these types of extensions can add up to 10% more “weight” than single-storey extensions when it comes to appraising a property’s value. This increase in value is mainly due to the homes being more extensive and offering greater flexibility when it comes to design and layout.

Say, for example, you add an extra bedroom to your home. A double storey extension will provide you with not only two bedrooms but also a living space as well. This extra living space is an additional attraction for prospective buyers and can often be the deciding factor in choosing one property over another.

A gym or games room can attract prospective buyers who enjoy a healthy lifestyle and are looking for an additional space to relax or entertain guests. Or they can also help add value by creating an extra living space, such as a study, playroom or office. The great thing is about this, is that even if you don’t use the space as a “playroom” for example, a quick bit of decorating can be very convincing – this is super useful if you know what type of family the potential buyers will be, as you can tailor the space quickly to their needs.

A kitchen is often the selling point to any home, and Double Storey kitchen extensions offer homeowners the opportunity to create a larger and more functional space for theirs. Even if your kitchen isn’t designer quality or “expertly” decorated – you can still pull in a much higher price tag based on the square footage alone.

When it comes to selling a property, double extensions are attractive to potential buyers and can help speed up the process. In addition, they provide homeowners with more options regarding potential tenants looking for additional space. This way, they can make an extra income when renting the property. That’s a huge win – win for everyone!


In conclusion, double storey extensions are truly an excellent choice for homeowners who want to increase the size and value of their properties without breaking the bank too badly. They offer greater flexibility when it comes to design and provide homeowners with more space for entertaining guests or simply relaxing at home. If you are planning to extend your home, we’d strongly recommend doing both floors at once if you can stretch your budget to this, you’ll save a lot of cash in the long run and your home will be far more valuable too.

Looking for more information? We would recommend the comprehensive guide on Double-Storey Extensions that we found by houseUP, which goes into a lot more detail.

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