Nothing is more in the spirit of a nice friend/family gathering than a good old BBQ party at home. The fresh breeze of air, the nice smell of roasting meat, and the burning wood give you the chills in an instant.

How To Have Amazing BBQ, How To Have Amazing BBQ Parties At Home, Days of a Domestic Dad

A perfect BBQ party at home is possible, believe it or not, and everything you need is some proper planning and the right equipment. Read on, as we’ll talk about how to have an amazing party at home. 

Prepare The Food Beforehand 

One simple trick to make it easier on yourself is preparing the food in advance. This way, you’ll have everything perfectly laid out and the whole process will be more effective. Cut the meat and marinate it.

Make sure the veggies and potatoes are ready. Make the dressing for the salad or any sauce for the meat, and when the guests arrive, simply put the meat on the grill. You’ll have more time to talk with your guests and enjoy the party together, instead of going back and forth to the kitchen and having little to no time to talk with everyone. 

Another advantage of preparing ahead of time is simply having a better view of the food. This way, you’ll know if something is missing and you can quickly hop to the store for a refill. 

Like with everything, procrastinating until the very last moment will only make the whole experience a nightmare rather than an enjoyable time with friends. 

Make Sure You Have Fuel For The Fire 

There is a chance you have hosted several BBQ parties, and you have some leftover charcoal or propane. It seems like a convenience, but we strongly advise going to the store and getting some more, just in case. Don’t rely on what’s left of it. The last thing you want is to be short on fuel for the fire mid-party. 

How To Have Amazing BBQ, How To Have Amazing BBQ Parties At Home, Days of a Domestic Dad

Have The Right Grill 

If this is your first time hosting a BBQ party, you’ll need the right equipment. Yes, tongs and a set of sharp knives are essential but more important than all this is a nice professional grill. Grills are the one and only thing that makes a BBQ worthwhile, depending on the quality of the meat.

They are quite long-lasting, and spending a few extra bucks to get the better edition is always a much better idea and sort of an investment. Imagine having a nice and multifunctional grill, as seen at, with a 10 kg hopper capacity for 20 hours of tender meat smoking.

With a ceramic ignition rod, and made from high-quality and durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

This is the kind of grill you are looking for. All the features of a grill are important and have their function.

They are simply there to promise an amazing and memorable time, with tender and tasteful meat to die for. Don’t feel like you are wasting money, as a professional and high-quality grill promises you years of great parties.

Don’t worry, you’ll learn to handle it along the way. If you are more used to simple setups, you’ll feel a bit lost at the beginning. But as time passes, you’ll see how practical it is to have a thermostat and a large cooking space. A budget-friendly pellet smoker, and wheels attached to it, making it easier to move the grill around as you please. Explore the many options and enjoy your next party. 

Let The Guests Bring Some Food 

Another piece of advice is to let your guests bring side dishes to the party. Everyone can participate. The more the better, as you will all have more food to share.

This way, you’ll have a lot of variety and choices to choose from. It’s also perfect for really picky eaters, as they’re allowed to choose for themselves the meals they want to eat. It will fill the table in no time, lifting a lot of the burden off your shoulders. 

Put Up Some Decorations And Separate Snacks From Meals 

First, decoration is part of every great party, no matter if it is a BBQ or a birthday one. Get some nice lights and some colorful balloons and prepare a few games to make it more memorable. 

Second, make sure to serve the snacks separately from the meals and also don’t serve them beforehand. Some guests might arrive earlier, and they’ll become hungry the longer they wait, becoming more tempted to eat snacks instead of the food.

This way, a lot of the food will be thrown away and spoiled. A much better idea is to inform everyone to come a bit later and start preparing the meat earlier. You can serve the snacks after, as they’ll go great with the beverages. 

With these easy-to-follow tips, you’ll host an amazing party and have a great time with your friends and family. 

How To Have Amazing BBQ, How To Have Amazing BBQ Parties At Home, Days of a Domestic Dad